Good morning!!!

I slept well last night because I don't spend my nights trolling people's Dayre and screenshot-ing "they say, she say" stuff.

These trolls, is it because they are losers in real life? Yups. Must be.

How sad to only feel pleasure, knocking people down on the Internet when in real life, they are one sad pathetic fucks of people.

Also I would like to add that my real life food (and confinement food) are so much yummier than yours.

I woke up to this!

Also good mood contributors!

Although the big one refuse to change to national day celebration clothes and refused to go school.


And also negative people. Just click unfollow.

Then if still unhappy, just delete Dayre app.

#sekian #publicannouncement

Also, I must thank these (or rather this-singular) troll for making me feel so important. Your life must be so sad and boring that you see the need to spin stories???

Those that got trolled should feel honored. Thank you ah….We must have made such an impact in your life.


And to think here me, was happily living my life, getting good job, moving new country and having cute kids. Oh n marrying a handsome capable man too. Must be a great subject for you to twist about.

I'm walking away happy like this cat with the balloon here.

I'm free of negative thoughts and wickedness and grudges.

It's not healthy to keep events of more than half a life time ago and bring it up now and then just to feel good.

Anyway, happy Monday!!!!

In the meantime, I'll go catch Pokemon and maybe brag about it here because I can!!!!

Cos I'm still on Dayre! And didn't do a self impose ban on myself. Hehe.


Have a good morning!!

Wohooo my workplace is a poke stop. And I caught one after alighting from bus.

Early morning singing. Or was it complaining???

Yesterday we went for a play date!!

Hello!!! But still holding my hand.

This introvert here then went off gallivanting on his own.

Climb up the spongy rocks.

But I must follow him and keep praising him.


Then Naomi came and the girls had each other to play with.

But Naomi is the hero here!!!

So brave to climb up the rope and into the rope tunnel just to get down the slides.

Chicken Isaac is chicken.

See see so brave!!! I also don't dare!!!

And it's quite high up. About 10-15ft??

Chicken only play with chicken things. Like this sound wave thing on the ground.

Then he saw the "French fries" place and proceeds to drag me there.

He said he doesn't like the playground because it's very hot. Refuse to go out. Wants to stay in here.

Mummy you ah!!!

Stop taking pic of me!!!

Thank you @pingu78 and @Eviee for taking time out and arranging for a play date.

Isaac tells me that there is only girls there so he doesn't like it and it's hot. He wants to go pororo again πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯.

And since when he knows that girls and boys play differently. I is sad. I never gender segregate or tell him girls and boys r different.


I might have done something.

Which may not have been a good idea.

Ooohhhh look at his cute feet in the cute slippers *distract you from the iPhone screen*

He was so chuff to be catching all the Pokemons.

I activated the incense so that he gets to catch as much as possible within 30 mins.

And he got to witness 2 eggs hatching from the incubator whilst we were walking around catching those Pokemons.

Family outing. Daddy, mummy and didi all came along. Hehe.

And this one!!

Suddenly so grown up!

Can sit with us in the dining table and watch us have dinner.

So ❀️❀️❀️❀️

Except I dunno why he looks so pissed off. Hehe.

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