Small Baby

Shit… Small baby is small.

Dropped off percentile so got refer to the dr today.

And gave me referral to kkh to maybeeeeee do some battery of test if in a month he doesn't gain at least 500gm.

He is 4months and 13 days today.

Goal is to now put on 500-700gms by 15 September.

If he reaches that, then the clinic doctor says it's ok to cancel appointment to the specialist at the hospital.

If he doesn't, then we will go.

Corrective action now is:
1) increase breast milk every feed from 4oz to 5oz when I'm at work.
2) when I'm home, just keep latching which I've always been doing. Can't force him to drink if he doesn't want. He grumbles and pushes me away!!

Really mummy?

I'm not small, I'm just in a fun size!!!

Just keep (dry) swimming and heads up!!

Before I left for work I kept shoving my boobs into Isaiah's mouth.

I'm like "drink didi, drink"

At one point he got so frustrated, he arched his back in disgust. Haha then he shoved me away also.

I put him down on the floor and he was so happy. I think if he could crawl, he would have leapt from my arms and crawl away. No more force-feeding mama!!!

Ermmm ya, so it's not like we don't give him enough to drink, it's that he doesn't want!

You know, I have enough milk.

Yesterday took picture of my milk stash, all 32 packets of 4oz(120mls) each.

Wanted to haolian because it's not easy getting a sizable stash. But what's the point when your baby doesn't even take it???

Oh at least I can tell ppl I do have milk and that supply is not a problem.

Went to the babyfair.

And this was the face I left behind.

Still so smiley one!!!

Hair really like troll the dolls here.

And after vaccination still so good mood! But but but….y you small 😭😭😭😭

Got same ah?

Bought 2 Parklon mats to put in our bedroom. 1 on each side of our bed because worried that didi gonna roll over and fall. He has been. Flipping over in his sleep from back to front.

This is S size measuring 100cm x 55cm x 15mm (thickness).

Only $35 each. Very reasonable.

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