We 3 made it!!

Although all a little sleepy

This one don't wait for anybody and slept liow.

The food was good.

We shared starters of crispy frog legs.

Atas ceaser salad.

My mud crab curry pappardelle

Shared dessert of chocolate soil and charred watermelon

Spice pumpkin cake with jelly and butternutsquash ice cream.

Food was good but so little for me.

That's hot mummy @wokandkadhai carrying #paucheeks and trolling HS. Haha.

Blur looking Isaiah with aunty @jayelleenelial

Liselle is up, can go n grab Isaiah's hand.

Carrying liselle whilst mummy jo eats.

HS HS look here!!!

Isaiah so fascinated with @wokandkadhai and liselle. Smiling widely at them

And @jayelleenelial loves me. She read my Dayre n know I wanted this.

Even my hubs neh buy for me yet.

So sad.

Gonna cut some and eat now!

I'm so glad to be able to baby-date with these mom that have babies the same age.

Can share baby stories together and go through the same phases of babyhood together.

I'm glad that I started the chat group for Dayre March babies.

I did leave the group because I was not in the right frame of mind. I felt so disconnected with everyone. But with that group, I manage to connect with a few more ladies. So all is not lost.


Today's night time pump break record!!!!!

Is it because I'm very happy today?

Or that I ate some (ok some is half the durian moon cake) and then pump?


After hand expressing everything out, it's almost 8.5oz!

Double of my usual pump output!!!!!

Confirm durian is my milk booster!!!

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