Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

In the mornings, we chill.

In the afternoon, we fly!

What? So boring is it my life?

Ok lo, let's go exploring.

We went to Jacob Ballas children's garden today.

Very nice place for kids. It's small enough but has a lot different pockets of things to see and do.

Si beh boring.

Can I go home now please? So hot sumore.

Korkor sure enjoyed himself!!

Went up and down the slide. I think he was too light so he keeps flying off into the sand when he slides down.

Until it got so bad, he flew off and hit his head as he landed!

This was more korkors thing!

He loves the water!

Screaming in glee!!


Mummy is just…..RBF-ing.


Bought PB pajamas 2nd piece at $20.

@calvinadawn you really poison me. But then, I couldn't find didis 6 months clothes so I bought first.

Went to Takashimaya today because I stocked up on durian mooncakes!!!

2 Mao Shang wang
2 D24

I think this brand Kele was about $52 for these four. Tasted nicer than Homes.

Got the Homes favorites just cos I got them last year.

Somehow didn't taste as good as Kele.

2 D24

I think about $57.50? After discount.

Also got 2 baked mooncakes from this stall.

1 was custard egg yolk lava

And another is 4 egg yolk in lotus paste. 4 egg yolks yo!!! Eat until song!!

I hate those with nuts n ham bits inside. Can't stand all the TCC and TWG type too.

What I really really liked is regent hotel snow skin durian mooncake. Tasted the best amongst all I bought.

But I didn't get it because bought all the above already. 💸💸💸💸

Will get Regent Hotel durian if I finished all the above before 21st August.

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