#paucheeks first proper swim

If you want things done your way, then do it yourself.

Just a thought to myself on how somethings are done, but they fall short of how I expect it to be.

It is livable but it could have been better.

Oh well. At least the most important thing is taken care of.

So boring nobody disturbing you Hor.

Korkor went to school liow.

The sight that greeted me when I got back home today.


Twinning (or is it Tri-ing) with papa.

All matchy swim shorts. Isaac insisted on wearing a swim shirt cos he say it will be cold.


We all went for a swim!!!

First time in a float. Didi took it quite well.

Overzealous brother is overzealous. I was so afraid korkor will pull the float and tip didi over into water!

Excuse the milk jugs.

Adjusting didis legs so he can have some free movement.

Hehe chillin'


Mummy, this is pretty nice.

See see this korkor.

After a while, we let him be and he actually kicked himself from one end of the pool to the other.

Not bad ah.

Came back and bath him.

And straight away knocked out. Must be tired huh.

Isaac fed himself for dinner!

Today Isaac finally fed himself.

Initially insisted for the helper to feed him.

But I told him she's busy with loads of things. So he must eat himself.

*4 yo di leh, still want ppl to feed meh?

And was so happy he finished his rice today.

We took big mouth fulls together, so it was like a synchronized eating. He thought it was fun!! So that's what got him finishing up his dinner.

Hey, works for me too. Better than shouting for him to finish it, we made it into a game.

Finish! Like a baws.

Having the Kele D24 snow skin mooncake.

Ok, not so nice. The skin sucks. They clever, serve us the flesh for tasting but not the skin.

Will stick to Homes Favorite next time!!

Last one!! Cos it's just too darn cute not to post!


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