Haze is back!

Bbq smell!! Haze is back!

24 PSI already 54 in central and PM2.5 is 66 currently.


From my pumping room.

Visibility is so bad. Can't believe the PSI only 128 at 11am. Should be more than that!

My GM has issued advisory if PSI reached 200, all sales team visit and delivery will be suspended.

If reach PSI 300, we will have to work from home!

So, everyday will bring back laptop just in case the next morning is bad!

I hope the helper has switched on the aircond and closed all windows.

My 2 babies at home!!! 😰😰😰

Sleepy face when I left for work.

Happy face after dinner!

Korkor stole didis bottle and drank it all.

He did not eat dinner because he said he was full. And I did not force him to eat.

And it was rather peaceful. No shouting n force feeding.

Anyway, he won't go hungry la. If he's hungry then he should wait till breakfast.

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