Everything that korkor do, didi finds it so interesting.

Little bro sure hero-worships older bro.

Sometimes when I look at him chattering away, I can't believe I'm actually a mom. Let alone a mom of two kids. 😱😱😱

And this!

I didn't know he can draw and write his own name!!

Went to Outback Steakhouse for an early dinner! Like 4.30pm kind of early.

Hey, it's 50% off, so why not.

Our appetizer of onion rings!

Batdudes sirloin steak with crab meat and hollandaise sauce. Baked jacket potatoes and coleslaw.

Now usually u won't get the jacket potatoes wrong, but this one not nice la!! Jacks place does it so much better.

My baby back ribs and Alice spring chicken. Ribs and chicken are not bad.

Corn cannot make it. So nuaaaa.

Overall it's ok. Since its 50%. Won't come back to pay full price for this quality.

I still can't believe Isaac drew this.

4 years and 2 months!

And this!

This is his teachers day card.

On the left is didi, Isaac (I dunno y look like balding man) and his teacher!!

Dear teachers was helped by batdude, the rest was all him!

And yeaaa only blue cause his favorite colour.

Toasted French Camembert cheese on err toast for supper.


Trying to finish up food before going back to KL for 10 days!!!

So satisfying! Better then our dinner just now.


So after 4 weeks of no dairy, I have dairyed yesterday and today.

And Isaiah still has very bad dermatitis on his cheeks. His neck and armpit is very red and very raw still.

Dairy should have cleared in week 2 and if he was allergic to milk, we should have seen crystal clear baby skin. But nope.

We noticed that his skin gets worst when we go out. When it is hot, he sweats n his neck gets angry fat and red. Armpits looks so raw n glistening with sweat too. Doesn't look like he's in pain.

His skin also flares up when we baby wear him in the carrier.

Because it's close proximity, his cheeks rubbing against our clothes, the skin on cheeks looks 'rubbed off' too.

Boh pian. All we can do it moisturize, moisturize and if it gets infected, apply antibiotic cream and moisturize.

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