The hardest thing about working life is


– Joanne Seow

Having leftovers!

Flank steak with bell peppers and onions at the bottom.

And this morning French toast drizzled with maple syrup.

Phoenix durian from Homes favorite.

Back story on how I got this.

Was walking around GWC trying to catch Pokemon after work. I have no idea why I went and lean against their display cabinet of the stall.

Immediately this cute sales aunty scoop out a big teaspoon of the MSW durian snowskin to try. Of cos I take. The she says "try this one" and scoop another full tea spoon. Then she spoon a huge serving of the D24 one. And then another of the hill durian or something.

I said it's all nice

Then she said "oh you must have forgotten how the first one taste like!"

First one was the MSW and she scoop another big spoon. And I happily nyom it. Essentially, she fed me almost half a durian snow skin mooncake in total. So generous her "samples".

And that's how you buy another 4 more durian snowskin mooncake from this sales aunty.

– the end –

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