Isaac has been getting hit in school by another boy.


Checked with other moms in class, their son too has been hit!

It's not an isolated incident and this boy has been hitting other classmates since March this year.

Went and talk to the class teacher.

This morning, I marched to school and spoke with the teacher. This is the 2nd time I've done it in regards to the matter. First time was in late April (I remembered because it's after my confinement and still on maternity leave).

The matter did go down a bit after that.

But now, its back to being hit almost daily.

Most recent one is the boy hitting Isaac in his eye.

Another one is taking a toy in Chinese class and hit him on the back with it.

Early last week also he told me this boy very naughty.
Isaac said "Today he pinched my cheeks. And I cried."


Last straw was yesterday in a grabcar on the ride home, suddenly Isaac turn to me and said;
"Mummy, I tot XXX was a good boy, actually he's not. He is a naughty boy".

Later Isaac don't trust other boys already how? Cannot make new friends how?
He used to play with him cos Isaac is blur like that. Trusting until he got hit so many times.

Yesterday my helper also told me that XXX hit Isaac. Because when she picked him up from school, he was crying.

Apparently when XXX saw his mom, he deliberately whacked Isaac on his eye. WTF.

This boy needs professional help.

I told her teacher to let me know the outcome when she discusses with her senior leaders.

It's been such a frustrating week and an especially frustrating day.

Here's my reward which is also technically a punishment.


The class teacher got back to us in the evening.

She said her team leaders and principle and vice principle are working to keep an eye out for XXX and to help XXX integrate better in class.

She will update us and XXX mother of the progress.

The way I see it, this doesn't promise us that XXX will stop hitting any of our kids anymore.

Frankly I'm abit angry on the lack of proactiveness.

Why didn't they call us when hitting starts. Does that mean hitting is acceptable?

I'm still very angry.

I also forgot to tell her to inform us all the times that Isaac got hit.


I like to add that since Isaac has been telling me that XXX has been hitting him, I have always told Isaac not to hit back and tell his teacher immediately!!!

I also explain to Isaac that XXX cannot control himself and he doesn't know what his doing. So pls don't hit back ever ok?

Isaac seems to understand this.

When I talked to the teacher this morning, she herself volunteered the information that Isaac has never hit back.

I'm proud that my son is not an asshole.

He might be showing his distress in other ways though.

I'm not sure whether Isaac hits his father because he himself cannot control his emotions from school and thus takes it out on batdude???

And also has been quite violent this year at home since the school started and this new boy entered the classroom.

I think he is and it's not a 4 year old thing.

Because prior to the XXX joining his class, my Isaac was such a sweet boy!

I thought his behavior changed because I gave birth to didi and all that.

Started shouting and jumping more and hitting more things at home.

Day 2 sauerkraut.

If my cabbage floats up, should I open it up to tamp it down again?


Got home to my feverish baby.

Luckily still in good spirits.

Faster take picture.

Because he suddenly look so handsome.

Must be his oily hair from all the moisturizer and bigger eyes due to the fever.

So cute though. #ownselfsay #ownselfsong

Korkor, u need to bend down, I can't capture You in the frame.


Act angry.

Didi act blur.

My helper called me to come watch didi trying to say"mama"

He copies the "mama" mouth movement but no verbalization.

And was laughing away at him mimicking her.

Korkor kaypoh at the end.

My momma whey!!!

Organic cabbage with Atlantic salt (cos couldn't find Celtic salt) and whey mixed in

There, my Atlantic salt. Haha.

Tamped down cabbage in sterilized glass container.

I haven't add in 1 cup of water yet because it was too warm! Scared all the good bacteria will be killed.

My sauerkraut fermenting since 5.30pm today.

I hope it ferments properly!! Will keep in fridge after 3 days.

Fingers cross!!!

Btw, would you pay $88 for this?

Angel hair capellini with Hokkaido scallops, uni, truffle and caviar.

Served cold.

Work from home

Open face sandwich of avocado, smoked salmon and salmon in can mashed (looks like tuna)

Eating smoked salmon like it's free.

Prepared 1.25mls cod liver oil + 6mls expressed milk at about 1.15pm.

Didn't out right reject it.

At some point, he did lunge forward to suck at the syringe.

I would say a not bad first attempt of weaning.

Fat die me lunch.

Foie gras with melted Camembert cheese on toast.

Working from home today.

I actually went to work but by 10.30am I'm like 😞😞😞😞 dying.

Asked boss if I can go home and work from home, I must have look quite bad, so she said sure.

Suppose to be working, ended up playing and nursing with didi. Hehe.

Ok la. Now I've locked the door. I've a TC later.

Chilling out in mummy's room this afternoon.

And by his 3rd swimming class, Isaac can swim already.

Not so much knowing his strokes, but he is not afraid of going under water. He can also kick to pivot himself.

Chill out guys!!!

My mummy whey looking like this. It's 2 full days coming to 3.

I don't see a definite layer. Why mine got 3 layer one?

I tot I could scoop the cream up. But it's so difficult.

Tasted it a little bit ricotta cheese I suppose. Smells reminds me of Isaiahs vomit smell.


Failed cream scooping.

How to get to the whey???

@mamaboo any ideas what I should do?

Hehe Isaac so cute.

Wrote his name on the note back which we keep track of didi feedings.

Dietician Review

Went to the dietician today.

And paid $85 bucks for information that we already know.


Came home to this one, smiling happily.

So gleeful.

Almost pathologically euphoric.

Like the father.

One more shot, cos I think he's so cute la.

Now this one suddenly, took a liking to my porkchop.

Wanted to eat it.

So he did, 1/3 of my huge ass pork chop.

Then finished up his mee sua after that.

Ok. 😬😬

Went and check on my "mommy whey"

I took it out from the fridge just to take this picture.

Looks like they bottom part is more than yesterday?

Yup yup. Got separation. Even if the container angle not same, but can see they whey is more la today hor?

How the session with the dietician went

She started off with checking my quality of breast milk.

I showed her the picture of it as above. πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌ

πŸ™…πŸ»: Wah very fatty looking.
πŸ‘ΈπŸ»: Yes, I also think so.

And yes, let's move on with my milk. I know that Health care provider just doing their due diligence in checking the quality of my milk. I also don't feel offended and don't think that they are implying my milk is inferior hence Isaiah is not growing.

Then she started by asking what our expectations are on Isaiahs growth.

Whether we want him to quickly jump back up to 50th centile or to only go up to the 10th centile and not drop off weight anymore.

Being us, we just say that we'd be happy if he puts on weight and not drop off the charts. To be 10th centile and gradually put on weight is fine!

Then she pulls this out.

And asked me what I remember about starting solids. I just mentioned about sweet potato and other purΓ©ed fruits.

N she went explaining to me about baby able to sit up, tongue thrust reflex blablabla.

At this point, my eyes glaze over already. This is so rudimentary. Come on!

And the first thing she recommended is rice cereal!!!!


The most processed food ever. Rice which has been stripped of nutrients then fortified with vitamins.

I let her go through all the motions of explaining the conventional way of weaning.

At the end I went "okayyyy" with an exasperated voice. I think I remembered sounding "sien".

Then it was my turn to "ask her some questions".

(Dietician writing and suggestion at the top).

I quickly glanced through this hand out and it says not to give oil!!! (Simi lanjiao).
πŸ™…πŸ» icon for dietician because it was mostly NO, No, NO.

Then I asked, how about cod liver fish oil?
πŸ™…πŸ»NO! Maybe can give when he is 1 years old.

How about coconut oil to cooked with? And butter? I see butter is not to be introduced.
πŸ™…πŸ»I know now the FAD is coconut oil for adults to improve gut health blablabla. Kids recommended to give olive oil or walnut

Oil. You can give olive oil mixed with porridge etc.

How about fermented sauerkraut?
πŸ™…πŸ» (eyes enlarged) No!!!!! Stop!! I don't think babies should eat this.

How about liver??
πŸ™…πŸ»it is not recommended in babies due to excessive vitamin A. Even in adults we don't recommend taking liver more than 2-3 portions a week. It will overwork the kidneys blabla.

At this point, I thought. Die already la. Everything also cannot. Made up my mind to not follow up with her and not going to listen to her.

Then I was thinking, since I already gonna pay through my nose for this session, I'm not just gonna let her say no,no, no.

So I pulled out my big guns. πŸ‘ΈπŸ»πŸ‘ΈπŸ»πŸ‘ΈπŸ»πŸ‘ΈπŸ»

The big gun!!! πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌ

I've ask her whether she has read this book.

Backtrack: so when I pull this book out l, you should have seen the look of fear in her eyes. Batdude says she had the "omg, this is going to be a difficult patient" look.

Hehe. I don't blame her. She is not train is this. They're all trained by the conventional way.

Continue: Nope, she has not read this. So I showed her that it's written by a pediatrician.

She looked a little bit relieved maybe? Hey, I'm not a whacko ok, I'm all about evidence based medicine and evidence based everything.

πŸ‘ΈπŸ»: this book recommends liver as first food and I'm going to follow it because I am interested in the iron and zinc that it can provide.

πŸ™…πŸ»: (takes a peek) ohhh ok!!! It says here to give 2 teaspoons. Then it is fine! It is in a small quantity.

Note: well duh! Your first instinct is to say no, u didn't even ask me to clarify. Hrmphh!

She recommended to start beef, chicken, lamb and other meats which I am happy that she mentioned. She suggested to cook in boil water then puree the meat.

πŸ‘ΈπŸ» I am going to make this stock and cook the beef/lamb in it. I think it's better than just boiling it in water. All stock had minerals and other electrolytes.
πŸ™…πŸ» (looks at the recipe) wouldn't it be tedious to do this etc.
πŸ‘ΈπŸ»No, because me and batdude drink this soup often. Even Isaac has this stock made using fish bones.

πŸ™…πŸ»oh in that case, then sure. Please do.
πŸ‘ΈπŸ»Yes I will. It's more nutritious this way.

Note: don't know why must "throw cold water" at me and say so tedious to prepare huh? 😀

πŸ‘ΈπŸ» cod liver oil is recommended here. I want to know why you don't agree with giving CLO during weaning?
πŸ™…πŸ»Let's go back abit, when u say CLO, is it Scott Emulsions? Or capsules that your prick and squeeze the oil out?
πŸ‘ΈπŸ» No, I meant pure virgin pressed CLO. Not processed at all.
πŸ™…πŸ»How much were you planning to give?
πŸ‘ΈπŸ» Only 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon.
πŸ™…πŸ»Oh, then I think it's ok. I thought you were gonna use it as the fat base and give scotts emulsion!

πŸ‘ΈπŸ»: πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

I told her I was also gonna give mash banana and mash avocado and the "traditional" weaning food.

Then I broached the momma whey topic.

Expecting her to "space out"

Told her I am making my own breast milk whey.

And will be using it to ferment the sauerkraut. Show her the ingredients (cabbage + BM whey + sea salt)

πŸ‘ΈπŸ» I'm interested in the probiotic aid this will give and all the enzyme.
πŸ™…πŸ» ok, can. I thought you were going to give him the GErman beer house sauerkraut!!!

πŸ‘ΈπŸ» 😱😱😱😱 ERr nooo!!!! It's the home made ferment sauerkraut. And I'm also going to lacto ferment sweet potatoes too.

From then on she was like πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘

It clicked. I went through bone marrow, chicken pate, and other stuff with her.

She warmed up to the idea of it.

I got her understanding that what I'm going to do is NOT out of this world. She is agreement that it is ok.

And I haven't broach the subject of Baby Led Weaning. But from her reaction, it seems like it's more a 8-10 month old thing.

Ahhh well.

(Haha I feel like I educated her and she "graduated").

I reiterate that I will not be giving rice cereal and other processed food. I'm not averse to it if I am traveling and won't be able to cook.

Checked with her that because we are trying to fatten Isaiah up, is his strategy of adding oil to his food ok?
And with no rice cereal, sweet potato and other potatoes are ok for his carbohydrate needs. She concurred.

At the end, I really felt the dietician visit was not really value added.

Had to confirm with her things that she should actually be telling me. But hey, at least I have sort of gotten a reluctant endorsement to start solids the super nutrient way!

I liked that she agrees with starting protein early. Also thinks that it is ok to introduce new food every 3-4 days instead of once a week like our allergist recommends.

As for us, whether to continue with her for follow up, initially it's a no. But I may just go 1 more time when the actually weaning takes place.

Let's see if there's any more tricks up her sleeves.

Someone trying very hard to crawl.

Flash a smile first.

Reached out to my fingers for some moral support.

Getting angsty

Looks like he's smiling.

But he is getting very pissed.


Got his head stuck under pillows.

#asshole mom takes picture first before saving him.

Few days ago, Isaiah has started babbling.

His repertoire goes like this:


Dadadada (probably will call daddy first, just like Isaac did).

Blow rapsberry with the BBBrrrrrr sound and continues BRRrrrrr-Ing.

How come so fast one??

Desserts for breakfast, because, why not?


Practicing his brrrrttsss.

@mamaboo I'm trying to make "mummy's whey"

My breastmilk in a sterilsed avent food container and I left it in the top cupboards in my kitchen.

Cos it's been 1 day in the refrigerator and no changes. So I left it here instead.

What are your thoughts??

@wokandkadhai and me are trying together!

Left it at out today in room temperature at 5.30pm. It was 1 day in the fridge before this and I took the picture above at 8.00pm.

I'm a bit scared to leave it out so long. Maybe just overnight and I'll put it back in the refrigerator. Fingers cross don't turn bad.

SHBC 2016 – Art of Healing

Batdudes 5 minutes of fame.

Got people view his art work ah!

Proof of exhibit.

The artist and his art.

Picture on the left, bidding starts at $50.

Picture on the right, bidding starts at $55.

Any takers? Can leave a comment.

#joking #notjoking #ifreallywant #canbuy

"Flammable Breath"

– so punny description.

"Hands that bring life"

– yes, captain obvious.

2nd lesson and he's swimming quite well.


Both kids asleep at 7.45pm.

So….parents go out and play.


Tried something different.

Iced espresso latte.

Toasted smores cake.


Best boss is best.

Told her the situation on Isaiahs allergy.

And I told her if I cannot cope, I will tell her earlier in advanced so we can have a back up plan. This is like my "warning" to her. So glad she's accepting and open to it.

If I feel I'm unable to focus at work, we need to be informed earlier.

Also candidly discuss that I'm currently behaving like this is because, even though the cortisol level is high, fortunately the serotonin level is high enough to cover impact. That's y I not depress.

Kids, they act and live life as if nothing happens to them.

Mummy is a mess though.

So cute early morning korkor trying to read to didi.

So cute la. 😍❀️

Conversations with the husband.

Because I siow liow!!

7 million guys!

Buy first, think later.

Hehe we went for a walk in the evening. Visited toys r us where he went crazy playing with the toys there.

Then he ask me to take a pic of him within a billboard.


Oh my, it was delicious. My helper made super crispy fried chicken!!!! So crispy and light!!!

Brussel sprouts and bacon as sides. And oxtail soup.

#countmyblessings #effort

See the skin?

Sooooo crispy!!

Allergy kid #2

1: milk – negative.
2: soy – negative.
3: egg(whole) – positive.
4: egg(white) – positive.

5: peanut – positive.

6: sesame – negative
7: wheat – negative
8: fish – negative
9: shellfish – negative

– control
+ control

Size of the egg welts is huge!! 15mm x 7mm!!

Peanut is ok.

#25weeks today.

My smiley, allergic baby.


My 2 boys.

Isit because they cute, so you need to make them even more "special" than they already are?

I am sad/angry/denial until cannot already.

So, I'm passed all that. Now I'm more "sien" than ever.


I shouldn't breed anymore.

Clearly my genes are inferior combined with batdudes gene.

No matter how cute I think my never-to-be baby girl is.

Nope! No more.

Oh need to note down this

Last week (15 September 2016) he was 5.7kg and 61.5cm.

Today (21 September 2016) he is 5.915kg and 62.5cm.

Hell yea im so happy he put on some weight and grew a little taller!!!


At the clinic, the TV addict tilt his head until so far back.

It's comical.

Ha hahaah!!

He looks like venusaurus.

So funny la.

Asking for help

So during Isaiahs consultation, i ask the dr point blank that I need help.

Specifically mental health issue help. I ask him to refer me to a counselor just in case I can't take it. Basing on past experiences with Isaac, I definitely need legit help.

I'm just thinking if something progresses and I need a good excuse to my bosses for time off work. And a medical leave from a psychologist/psychiatrist to clear my post-traumatic disorder and anxiety will benefit me a lot.

I don't think I cope very well with this kind of shit

The nurse asked me a few questions and discussed with the allergist.

And they came to an agreement that we should be referred to as a family!

Family mental health counseling yo!

It's because it's easier to track our counseling sessions in a family based rather than just me alone. If it's me alone, I would have to be followed up under a obstetric/gynea which have to do the referring.

I'm not like batdude where he can compartmentalise his feelings. I go all batshit emo, then fine n positive

Then back to batshit emo again.

Can't seem to find many allergy friendly supportive friends around, no family support around, so this might be a good alternative.

Later PTSD again then have to quit my job again and can't do effective work.

Not only that, we also got referred to a allergy dietician because of my anxiety on starting Isaiah on solid food!

They really think I "Si liow si liow- cannot cope liow this woman"

Maybe I can, maybe I cannot.

I feel ok today. Hopefully no more issues.

And I don't want to deal with anymore unwarranted advices.

Erghhh suddenly dreading what my dumb MIL will say when she comes over next week.

Fuck la. Better warn batdude to ask his mom to zip her shit up.

She was my main contributor to my post natal blues with Isaac and PTSD fire stocker after his anaphylaxis episode.

1) say I torture Isaac by bringing him into this world. So hungry that's why keep crying all the time. Because I don't have enough breast milk!! Truth was he shat and started to cry, I wanted to change him but she thinks she can pacify him by rocking him. I just stared dumbfounded at her comments and "hello woman! I want to change his shit!"

2) refuse to believe he was allergic

To eggs and say it's not when already confirmed with allergist. Told her to be careful when eating soft boiled egg. Never listen and went and pick Isaac n kiss him after eating soft boil. Queue flares, queue hives.

Really really main contributor but someone doesn't believe me and claims I'm just attacking her personally just because "I don't like her"


To be honest, the only disagreement I have with batdude is about his mother. Sometimes SIL because she's protective of the mother.

Otherwise we are great.

Stress getting to me?

Woke up today with body ache. Scratch that, its more like bone ache.

I probably caught something viral but it's painful. Even worse than the after pain of your worst gym session.

I feel so knackered too.

At times like this, I really want to be a SAHM

Getting the hebeegeebees. Cause Isaiahs review with the allergist is tomorrow.

And I didn't go to work today. I'm too tired with body aches to look presentable.

But, got to rest. There's an important meeting I can't miss tomorrow in the morning then to the allergist in the afternoon.

When you think the world is ending (yes I'm very dramatic when I'm not πŸ’―), just open the Dayre app, and life actually goes on.

I don't feel like shit when I see people actually updating their lives here. It means, business as usual. It means life still goes on even if you momentarily stop in your tracks (or in your head).

πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼 for tomorrow!!

Satisfying lunch with the husband.

Since he was home, he sent some pic of paucheeks.


Coffee and desserts after that.

Actually, the main purpose we went to orchard was to get Isaac thermal swim wear and goggles.

I realize that he can't regulate his body temperature in the water. Last week swim class, he was shivering quite badly in the water.

The coach advice us to get a thermal vest to help him with his body temperature. And yes, because he is very skinny too. Hardly any fat on him. Also advice us to provide a hot drink for him during class.

All I can think is hot bakuteh broth! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Brothers picture of the day!

OMG I touched Adam Lamberts fingers!!!!!!









Credit to my friends Samsung camera.

Batdudes camera.

Batdudes phone camera.

It's all #paucheeks shots today.

Because korkor is too busy playing to take photo with me anymore.

You can spot him behind didi.

Hello smooth-ish baby skin.

Nyom the soft toys. Daddy photobombing us.

Actually his skin still has the seborrheic dermatitis rash, but it's improving.

Armpits and arm folds redness has gone down a lot.

Good coffee

Good food


And good dessert makes you feel better about yourself.

Hanging out with this one.

First tooth!!


Don't want la mummy.

Ahhhh open wide, but can't see your teeth!

Hehe too bad!



How bout this?

Both the boys at 5 months old.

Instagram husband tried to make me look skinny.

Mmmm. Good enough.

Going to F1 qualifying now.

Because Queen.

Slap on loads of make up, but I think Adam Lambert will be more made up than me.

At Padang now.

Waiting for Queen!!!

Chope seats.

Right in front.

Not you too Isaiah! | Here we go again. Allergy kid #2

Sitting in the office this morning with a sense of trepidation

Can't concentration with all the what ifs/what is it looming in my head.

I don't know why he can't gain weight. In fact, I think #paucheeks feels lighter now compared to 1 week ago.








What did I do to deserve this!

Gave Zyrtec 2.5mls. Otw to hospital

At 3.45pm, #paucheeks is ok. With residual skin reaction on his face.

We are ok everyone.

Parent just in shock mode.

What happened. Sequence of events.

I came home at 12.55 in the afternoon. I noticed paucheeks was red and scratching his eyes. He does that when he's sleepy. Scratch and rub with the back of his hands.

But this time he was very agitated. Shouting in anger like that.

I thought nothing of it, change out of my sweaty office clothes and freshen up.

About 1.00pm I pick him up to nurse. He was red, but since I thought he just screamed himself, must be all the exertion.

Put him to breast and he latch and unlatch repeatedly.

At 1.10pm, I notice suddenly his forehead was developing welts. And at his temples too.

1 quickly undress him and took these series of pictures to send to batdude

I ask my helper to prepare his bath. Maybe he had some contact with something.

A bath would wash away the allergens.

He was still smiley and laugh at korkor when korkor went "ehhhh Isaiah naked ah!!!"

Paucheeks eyes here still roundish.

Face getting more red and bumpy. Spreading to neck.

But still can smile ah this boy!

His neck also got red.

I noticed his thighs had some welts coming out.

And his fold of arms too. As big as a pin head size

2-3 welts.

At 1.12pm when bathing him, I noticed his eyes got puffier.

Shit, this no good.

I called batdude to let him know paucheeks is having a reaction.

We decide to give him zrytec.

See, eyes getting smaller!!!

Got out of the bath and the rashes and welts spread to his torso and thighs already!

This looks so similar to what Isaac has when he flares!!!!

By now I can feel the panic rising.

Faster draw up the zrytec. Gave it to him.

Booked a grab car.

Called batdude to let him know I'm going to the hospital.

This is at 1.18pm.

Whilst waiting for grabcar, took these pictures to compare if it gets worse.

This is after zrytec which was given at roughly 1.15pm.

My poor paucheeks.

Eyes so puffy.

I kept watching him to see that he did not get breathing difficulties.

It happens if the reaction goes to his other system of organs.

Thankfully, that didn't happen.

Arrived at the children's emergency at 1.20pm. Told the triage nurse that he is having an allergic reaction.

Told them I already gave zrytrc 2.5mls. Nurse checked his heart rate and oxygen levels. Thankfully its ok.

Nurse ask for his IC. My hands were trembling like mad. Couldn't get his card out. Nurse told me to take a deep breath and relax. He said it's ok "you're in the hospital now. Isaiah is stabilized already".

Batdude arrived at 1.24pm. We just looked at each other.

We both do not know what to say

I can only think that we were lucky that I took half day leave. And it happen when I got back home.

I actually took leave to see the specialist about his low growth/weight problem.

After the ED visit, we went ahead to his appointment.

The dr was ok, in my mind I was just thinking that we should be around someone just in case rebound allergy reaction happens again.

The specialist assessed him and think that his slow growth is due to him not taking enough milk.

As he is a very active baby who doesn't drink enough calories to store weight, he will continue to lose weight when he starts crawling and moving about.

He doesn't think there is anything organically wrong with him. He calculated his estimate drinking of breast milk volume, and it is just not enough.

His plans were similar to my plans when we wanted to gain weight for Isaiah.

Adviced us to give him up to 20oz a day at least.

Yes, we will try!

Sigh pie!

The doctor also confirmed that his skin issue is seborric dermatitis and not due to allergy to dairy milk or eczema.

Got to just ride this one out.

I don't doubt that he will eczema. It's pretty common, but that diagnosis will come much later. After 6 months or so. Both treatment are the same.

Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize.

Thank you guys for your wishes.

I'm still a bit shell shocked. Sorry for not replying individually.

Updates on #paucheeks stats

Weight is still 5.7kg. Height is 61.5cm.

5.7kg end of August until now. Did not gain weight at all. 😞😞😞

Is tearing apart tissue paper considered a milestone?

Because didi can just sit there and tear tissue paper and entertain himself (for 5 minutes)

So intense the concentration. Hehe.

Selfie time!!

Oops I'm not ready for this one.

Trying to look suave, but, nope!

My lunch situation today.

Leftover steak, pumpkin soup and butterhead lettuce.

First Swim Lesson!

Lucky j didn't MC today!

My intern first day today. Almost forgot about it.

Morning snuggles with this one!

Wake up only, smile.

My smiley baby.

5 hours in to work

And I've still not cleared my emails.

Holiday is not good.

So excited for Isaacs first swimming lessons!

Gonna take lots of pics because daddy is away at a meeting.


Little Eskimo

Little boxer.

Acting cute!

At first, he was darn scared of the coach.

New person, no puddle jumper float and no swim top (my mistake).

Faster put his back against the wall. Coach came and pick him up n place him in the water. I'm glad he didn't refuse or start crying.

Taught him how to kick in the water.

It's a shared private swim class with our neighbor!

Thankful to her for finding the swim coach. I just paid the fees to him.

All the hesitation.

At home like King, outside so meek.

Splash splash splash.

And eventually got him to dunk his head in the water.

And blow out bubbles!!!

First intro into water.

Dunking head n breath in n out.

He even taught them how to float!

But I've stop taking pictures by then because I was talking to our neighbor.

Should have taken but got excited of him floating!!!

This coach, steep learning curve for them.

#paucheeks has teeth!

The pearly whites has broken through.

It's sharp and jagged edges are out.

And have been known to chomp down on mummies nipples hard!

5 months and 2 weeks.

Love is when…

Your husband tarpaus home pad Thai from Aroy Thai. With coconut milkshake to wash away the heat. 😍😍😍😻😻😻❀️❀️❀️

This me today.

All of the sudden!

I woke up and was sneezing like mad. Got ready to go out and my nose was streaming clear liquid. I tot it was dust mite allergy but after loratidine, it's still streaming.

Looks like I have the flu. Not sure which virus I picked up, but it's must be from a few days ago.

Project #SparkJoy on hold.

But I may just sort out clothes into tops pile, bottoms and clothes to be hung.

Before i πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€, here are my pics of lunch and tea!

Met up with my uni friend and her gf.

I love her gf. I wish they could get married.

My starter at Saveur Art.

Egg confit. So good!!

Lobster in lobster juice.

Close up, because it's so pretty.

And apple dessert as part of the lunch set.

Total damage: $40???

Then tea at marmalade pantry.

This Smore cupcake is so good too! It's got the homely bake feel to it. Must be the graham cracker base.

And old fashion chocolate cake.

They warm it up, and the cake bleed a natural death.

All the chocolate coating/glazing bleed out and melted.

But the taste was good!!! The chocolate cake base was so soft as well.

I think next time I won't warm it up cos the room temperature cake and icing tasted better.

Ok night night.

Got to rest my sick runny nose.

I hope I feel better tomorrow!

If take MC sure my boss say I "keng" one. πŸ€’πŸ€’πŸ€’

Trying to SPARK JOY

Marie Kondo-Ing is not going well.

This pile is just 3 drawers of clothes. And this is the "secondary" cupboard.

I've not touched my main wardrobe yet.

The pile of clothes I don't wear/hardly wear has grown.

Don't "tsk tsk" me. If you do this to all your clothes, trust me, you'll have more RUBBISH than I do.

This pile doesn't include my maternity clothes.

Maternity clothes pile!

Help!!! What am I going to do with it??

I've a lot of gorgeous maternity pieces. Lots of gown and dresses.

These are my everyday clothes.

My goal after all this is to fit everything only in this wardrobe.

From seasonal item to formal clothing wear, coats, jackets and everyday office clothes and lounge wear.


Now, time for a joy check. I think today I'll only do TOPs.

Shit la. The mountain so high!!!!

Feeding intermission.

Baby's calling.

I can only do spark joy now because someone is in a "show"

Watching a certain purple dinosaur.

Lunch intermission with this one!

Got back from the Barney show and he's buzzing!!!!

Nyom nyom nyom.

Have you seen such a beautiful mountain of clothes before??

This is 75% of my clothes.

Ok, let's get #discarding

Wanted to cart out some nursing clothes from online, then I remembered this mountain pile in my bedroom.

– delete cart

– delete email with discount code

I love a lot of my clothes, but I can't wear them anymore because I'm fat!

What should I do with these? I want to keep them but I don't know if I'm ever going to fit in them ever again. 😭😭😭

Please la.

Not your playground ok?

First ever top that batdude got for me when we were dating!!!!

Bought in 2006 everybody!!

Brought this one to the park.

Puke all in front of his onesie. Didn't even bother to wipe it off.


8.00 pm now and I'm hardly done discarding.

Stuff to throw in the white box.

Now, what to do with the rest of the pile. It's night time now.

Problem solved! Hahha.

Means I've got to tackle the rest of this shit tomorrow!!!

"Mummy, take a picture of me!"


"Mummy, take a video of me!"

Kena video-bomb by aunty πŸ˜‘

Twinning with daddy to the show just now. Made them take a photo before changing. So cute.


Btw, is the lantern festival over already?

Penang curry me!

I've not seen this in a very very long time.

Curdled toufu blood!! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Ordered Penang lobak to share too.

I came here for this.

πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌnot nice.


So not satisfied, went to another hawker for this.

πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌ marginally better.

Sigh pie. I need to go back Penang and eat.

The porker, porking up.

Mmmm so good. Fluffy crunchy naan again.

Side of fried chicken heart.

Had to reorder this because my meal this afternoon is so disappointing.

Hallo tandoori chicken. We meet again.

Hehe I spy with my little eye, a little pearl coming out from #paucheeks gum.

Era of Mahathir art exhibition

Momma made nasi lemak and it's absolutely amazing.

Went for dimsum at mandarin oriental today.

Still as good after all this years.

Had Peking duck which I forgot to take picture of.

N this is the duck meat. Stir fried with asparagus. So meaty n Yums.

Then we had coffee at Marini in klcc. Forgot to take pic of the meringue n brownies. Also very good.

Then we went to an art exhibit where my late FIL work was being er exhibited.

The exhibition is called Era of Mahathir

If you're around KLCC can check it out in Menara Ilham.

This is the picture of batdude, my sil and batdudes close friends.

It's about changing landscape of klang town.

Artwork still in possession of the family. Although it's maintained by Willy Valentine art gallery.

Isaiah, I bet ah Kong would have loved to meet you and play with you.

But it's not meant to be.

Batdude says that I might find his dad too eccentric for my liking. Or, on the contrary, I could have got on with him like a house on fire.

Another shot cos I think he looks chubs here. He was soooo happy and giggly when we visited the exhibition.

Current art work

The reason we went to KLCC today was to meet up with one of my best friend who is back from UK.

Here, batdude drew a picture of her beloved dog that has passed on.

When she saw it, her tears was starting to drop. I told her to "SUCK IT IN!"
I knew tears would come. Ask her to act macho abit haha.

Love her to bits.

Yes, batdude has some spill over talent from his dad I reckon.

Bite into fluffy crunchy white clouds of a naan.

So good.

Accompanied by juicy tender tandoori chicken.

Eaten for brunch. Good start of the day.

We went to farm in the city

Fed tortoise.

Fed birds

Nice peacock

Just taking random shots cos we paid rm91 for me, batdude n Isaac.

Isaac: mummy come here! Mummy don't take picture of he birds!

Mummy don't touch the animals.

Daddy stop talking!

Daddy lets go!

Daddy don't go near the animals!!!

Mummy, daddy, 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

Found the Prairie dogs so cute.

Grey parrot.

Finally!!! He touched an animal.

A cute chick!!

Sweet potato fries!

Quality time with #1.

After all the gastronomic delights, home cooked 3 type egg porridge is 😍😍😍

We are back here again for some heavenly broth!

This happen. Drive through Starbucks.

Because this guy just fell asleep.

So did this guy.

Spent all my Ringgit Malaysia on these.

Worth every single cent.

Lunch was this beautiful slow deep fry fish in plum and chili padi sauce.

So good!!

It's at Tanjung sepat.

Isaac looking at the thug boats. Bringing in the fresh fish on which we eat!

Clam shells everywhere.

Napping didi otw back.

Imbi pork noodles for breakfast. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

This is love.

Crab curry kind of love.

Went to bangsar village 2 to chill after banana leaf rice.

Brought bottle only. Hand express. 100 mls. Ok la.

But hands and wrist achy.

Whilst on a Mon-date with batdude.

My mom sent me these series of photos.

Aiyoo this Isaac ah!!!

Heart attack only me.


Some WWF moves!

Didi: OOOfffffff!


Korkor: evil laugh!

Nawwww come didi. Let's kiss and make up.

Get away from me, you torturer!!

And just like that, you are all grown up.

Don't wanna wear diapers at night anymore.

Making snarky remarks here and there.

And having conversations with me like we are peers.


This afternoon went to a lunch + play date with my ex colleague from Singapore

Had my cappuccino.

So blurry but got a shot of him playing here.

And after 30 minutes he had an allergic reaction, so we high tailed out of there.

Wash his face in the toilet and gave him Zrytec.

Kaya butter waffle with triple ice cream for tea time.

Cos bembino tak cukup makan.

Plus Isaac is taking a nap, so "zhau ah"!!!

Ahhhh my sleeping child during dinner. Very rare.

No words

I read the post and cried and cried.

I felt so sad for them, but I really don't know how to console them. Oh the deep deep sadness. 😭😭😭

Paucheeks makeover.

Sleeping in the coffee shop.

Flatlay my pork trotter noodles with duck leg soup.

Famous bidor pun choon duck noodles for breakfast.

Acting cute with daddy.

Been sticking his tongue out since this morning.

We are going to cut your hair #paucheeks

It's getting out of control!

Cut korkor hair first.

*so handsome*

I really like korkors head shape.

At the salon!



Hello yiyi!!!!

Before and after!

Mamma had her hair did too. A wash and a blow.

Went to naughty nuri in subang for dinner with my bestie!

Roast pork salad.

Indonesian styled mee goreng.

And their famous ribs.

Still so gooooooddddd.

Then we had bingsu after that.

This was ok only.

The mother of 2 and the beauty queen with an MBA.

The process.

Don't know what he is in for.

First, wetting his hair.

Then, partition it. Ok la. Got a bit the girly look here.

And off it goes!


Korkor Isaac watching Barney at the corner there.

Arghhhhh!! Noooooo!!! My hair!!!

Resign to fate.

Can this be over quick?


Please grandma, ask the lady to stop.

It's ok, finishing soon.

After a bath, a change of clothes and some styling.

Not bad what!!!

Yea….ok la.



He has taken to sticking his out today. Not sure why. Kept sticking it out when my mom took pictures of him. So cute though.

How do I look???

Full outfit.

Worn to death look!! Dam value this ensemble. Wore from 1 month until 5 months.

Hat and pants still abit loose.

Back to KL tonight!

We are all going back to KL tonight.

See you guys!!!

All packed and ready to go.

And can't wait to shop!!!

Burst out crying when I saw pictures of Isaac that his school posted on FB for teachers day.

The first few pics I see him sitting with his classmates. Then I notice he was missing. And I realize that they were having some snack.

The next few pictures are of him, isolated, sitting in his own chair, eating his own "Lame snack" we brought from home. [Cc: @enihsnus thanks for the article you shared].

I didn't think it would affect me so much. But seeing him eating separately on his own…

Like a knife to my heart.

😭😭😭😭 Isaac, even though you don't know that you were "discriminated" and segregated in your school, mummy knows.

Mummy know you will not be the same although you are similar as the others.

Mummy know that even at such a young age you have been singled out although not maliciously but for your own safety.

Mummy feel sorry for you but I hope you don't feel sorry for yourself. Yes, me and daddy are here to support you and will not treat you differently like

Other adults, other Strangers.

They do not understand thus I see you being in this situation. I don't blame them. What you don't know, you won't see and you won't feel it.

I really don't blame anybody.

This is just a feeling that's coming from me knowing you will always be a bit different from your other classmates.

I'm happy you don't take this things/different treatment to heart. I think you understand you have allergy and need to avoid the triggers.

But it still hurts la.

Let mummy cry for you, you just enjoy your childhood and life.


*emo mom crying during TC at work*

Maintain face. Cannot cry too loud.

Ok ok, I'm over it.

Pay attention at work!

Made 3 tissue wantan already.