Back to KL tonight!

We are all going back to KL tonight.

See you guys!!!

All packed and ready to go.

And can't wait to shop!!!

Burst out crying when I saw pictures of Isaac that his school posted on FB for teachers day.

The first few pics I see him sitting with his classmates. Then I notice he was missing. And I realize that they were having some snack.

The next few pictures are of him, isolated, sitting in his own chair, eating his own "Lame snack" we brought from home. [Cc: @enihsnus thanks for the article you shared].

I didn't think it would affect me so much. But seeing him eating separately on his own…

Like a knife to my heart.

😭😭😭😭 Isaac, even though you don't know that you were "discriminated" and segregated in your school, mummy knows.

Mummy know you will not be the same although you are similar as the others.

Mummy know that even at such a young age you have been singled out although not maliciously but for your own safety.

Mummy feel sorry for you but I hope you don't feel sorry for yourself. Yes, me and daddy are here to support you and will not treat you differently like

Other adults, other Strangers.

They do not understand thus I see you being in this situation. I don't blame them. What you don't know, you won't see and you won't feel it.

I really don't blame anybody.

This is just a feeling that's coming from me knowing you will always be a bit different from your other classmates.

I'm happy you don't take this things/different treatment to heart. I think you understand you have allergy and need to avoid the triggers.

But it still hurts la.

Let mummy cry for you, you just enjoy your childhood and life.


*emo mom crying during TC at work*

Maintain face. Cannot cry too loud.

Ok ok, I'm over it.

Pay attention at work!

Made 3 tissue wantan already.

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