Paucheeks makeover.

Sleeping in the coffee shop.

Flatlay my pork trotter noodles with duck leg soup.

Famous bidor pun choon duck noodles for breakfast.

Acting cute with daddy.

Been sticking his tongue out since this morning.

We are going to cut your hair #paucheeks

It's getting out of control!

Cut korkor hair first.

*so handsome*

I really like korkors head shape.

At the salon!



Hello yiyi!!!!

Before and after!

Mamma had her hair did too. A wash and a blow.

Went to naughty nuri in subang for dinner with my bestie!

Roast pork salad.

Indonesian styled mee goreng.

And their famous ribs.

Still so gooooooddddd.

Then we had bingsu after that.

This was ok only.

The mother of 2 and the beauty queen with an MBA.

The process.

Don't know what he is in for.

First, wetting his hair.

Then, partition it. Ok la. Got a bit the girly look here.

And off it goes!


Korkor Isaac watching Barney at the corner there.

Arghhhhh!! Noooooo!!! My hair!!!

Resign to fate.

Can this be over quick?


Please grandma, ask the lady to stop.

It's ok, finishing soon.

After a bath, a change of clothes and some styling.

Not bad what!!!

Yea….ok la.



He has taken to sticking his out today. Not sure why. Kept sticking it out when my mom took pictures of him. So cute though.

How do I look???

Full outfit.

Worn to death look!! Dam value this ensemble. Wore from 1 month until 5 months.

Hat and pants still abit loose.

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