Imbi pork noodles for breakfast. 😋😋😋

This is love.

Crab curry kind of love.

Went to bangsar village 2 to chill after banana leaf rice.

Brought bottle only. Hand express. 100 mls. Ok la.

But hands and wrist achy.

Whilst on a Mon-date with batdude.

My mom sent me these series of photos.

Aiyoo this Isaac ah!!!

Heart attack only me.


Some WWF moves!

Didi: OOOfffffff!


Korkor: evil laugh!

Nawwww come didi. Let's kiss and make up.

Get away from me, you torturer!!

And just like that, you are all grown up.

Don't wanna wear diapers at night anymore.

Making snarky remarks here and there.

And having conversations with me like we are peers.


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