Era of Mahathir art exhibition

Momma made nasi lemak and it's absolutely amazing.

Went for dimsum at mandarin oriental today.

Still as good after all this years.

Had Peking duck which I forgot to take picture of.

N this is the duck meat. Stir fried with asparagus. So meaty n Yums.

Then we had coffee at Marini in klcc. Forgot to take pic of the meringue n brownies. Also very good.

Then we went to an art exhibit where my late FIL work was being er exhibited.

The exhibition is called Era of Mahathir

If you're around KLCC can check it out in Menara Ilham.

This is the picture of batdude, my sil and batdudes close friends.

It's about changing landscape of klang town.

Artwork still in possession of the family. Although it's maintained by Willy Valentine art gallery.

Isaiah, I bet ah Kong would have loved to meet you and play with you.

But it's not meant to be.

Batdude says that I might find his dad too eccentric for my liking. Or, on the contrary, I could have got on with him like a house on fire.

Another shot cos I think he looks chubs here. He was soooo happy and giggly when we visited the exhibition.

Current art work

The reason we went to KLCC today was to meet up with one of my best friend who is back from UK.

Here, batdude drew a picture of her beloved dog that has passed on.

When she saw it, her tears was starting to drop. I told her to "SUCK IT IN!"
I knew tears would come. Ask her to act macho abit haha.

Love her to bits.

Yes, batdude has some spill over talent from his dad I reckon.

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