Trying to SPARK JOY

Marie Kondo-Ing is not going well.

This pile is just 3 drawers of clothes. And this is the "secondary" cupboard.

I've not touched my main wardrobe yet.

The pile of clothes I don't wear/hardly wear has grown.

Don't "tsk tsk" me. If you do this to all your clothes, trust me, you'll have more RUBBISH than I do.

This pile doesn't include my maternity clothes.

Maternity clothes pile!

Help!!! What am I going to do with it??

I've a lot of gorgeous maternity pieces. Lots of gown and dresses.

These are my everyday clothes.

My goal after all this is to fit everything only in this wardrobe.

From seasonal item to formal clothing wear, coats, jackets and everyday office clothes and lounge wear.


Now, time for a joy check. I think today I'll only do TOPs.

Shit la. The mountain so high!!!!

Feeding intermission.

Baby's calling.

I can only do spark joy now because someone is in a "show"

Watching a certain purple dinosaur.

Lunch intermission with this one!

Got back from the Barney show and he's buzzing!!!!

Nyom nyom nyom.

Have you seen such a beautiful mountain of clothes before??

This is 75% of my clothes.

Ok, let's get #discarding

Wanted to cart out some nursing clothes from online, then I remembered this mountain pile in my bedroom.

– delete cart

– delete email with discount code

I love a lot of my clothes, but I can't wear them anymore because I'm fat!

What should I do with these? I want to keep them but I don't know if I'm ever going to fit in them ever again. 😭😭😭

Please la.

Not your playground ok?

First ever top that batdude got for me when we were dating!!!!

Bought in 2006 everybody!!

Brought this one to the park.

Puke all in front of his onesie. Didn't even bother to wipe it off.


8.00 pm now and I'm hardly done discarding.

Stuff to throw in the white box.

Now, what to do with the rest of the pile. It's night time now.

Problem solved! Hahha.

Means I've got to tackle the rest of this shit tomorrow!!!

"Mummy, take a picture of me!"


"Mummy, take a video of me!"

Kena video-bomb by aunty πŸ˜‘

Twinning with daddy to the show just now. Made them take a photo before changing. So cute.


Btw, is the lantern festival over already?

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