First Swim Lesson!

Lucky j didn't MC today!

My intern first day today. Almost forgot about it.

Morning snuggles with this one!

Wake up only, smile.

My smiley baby.

5 hours in to work

And I've still not cleared my emails.

Holiday is not good.

So excited for Isaacs first swimming lessons!

Gonna take lots of pics because daddy is away at a meeting.


Little Eskimo

Little boxer.

Acting cute!

At first, he was darn scared of the coach.

New person, no puddle jumper float and no swim top (my mistake).

Faster put his back against the wall. Coach came and pick him up n place him in the water. I'm glad he didn't refuse or start crying.

Taught him how to kick in the water.

It's a shared private swim class with our neighbor!

Thankful to her for finding the swim coach. I just paid the fees to him.

All the hesitation.

At home like King, outside so meek.

Splash splash splash.

And eventually got him to dunk his head in the water.

And blow out bubbles!!!

First intro into water.

Dunking head n breath in n out.

He even taught them how to float!

But I've stop taking pictures by then because I was talking to our neighbor.

Should have taken but got excited of him floating!!!

This coach, steep learning curve for them.

#paucheeks has teeth!

The pearly whites has broken through.

It's sharp and jagged edges are out.

And have been known to chomp down on mummies nipples hard!

5 months and 2 weeks.

Love is when…

Your husband tarpaus home pad Thai from Aroy Thai. With coconut milkshake to wash away the heat. 😍😍😍😻😻😻❀️❀️❀️

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