Not you too Isaiah! | Here we go again. Allergy kid #2

Sitting in the office this morning with a sense of trepidation

Can't concentration with all the what ifs/what is it looming in my head.

I don't know why he can't gain weight. In fact, I think #paucheeks feels lighter now compared to 1 week ago.








What did I do to deserve this!

Gave Zyrtec 2.5mls. Otw to hospital

At 3.45pm, #paucheeks is ok. With residual skin reaction on his face.

We are ok everyone.

Parent just in shock mode.

What happened. Sequence of events.

I came home at 12.55 in the afternoon. I noticed paucheeks was red and scratching his eyes. He does that when he's sleepy. Scratch and rub with the back of his hands.

But this time he was very agitated. Shouting in anger like that.

I thought nothing of it, change out of my sweaty office clothes and freshen up.

About 1.00pm I pick him up to nurse. He was red, but since I thought he just screamed himself, must be all the exertion.

Put him to breast and he latch and unlatch repeatedly.

At 1.10pm, I notice suddenly his forehead was developing welts. And at his temples too.

1 quickly undress him and took these series of pictures to send to batdude

I ask my helper to prepare his bath. Maybe he had some contact with something.

A bath would wash away the allergens.

He was still smiley and laugh at korkor when korkor went "ehhhh Isaiah naked ah!!!"

Paucheeks eyes here still roundish.

Face getting more red and bumpy. Spreading to neck.

But still can smile ah this boy!

His neck also got red.

I noticed his thighs had some welts coming out.

And his fold of arms too. As big as a pin head size

2-3 welts.

At 1.12pm when bathing him, I noticed his eyes got puffier.

Shit, this no good.

I called batdude to let him know paucheeks is having a reaction.

We decide to give him zrytec.

See, eyes getting smaller!!!

Got out of the bath and the rashes and welts spread to his torso and thighs already!

This looks so similar to what Isaac has when he flares!!!!

By now I can feel the panic rising.

Faster draw up the zrytec. Gave it to him.

Booked a grab car.

Called batdude to let him know I'm going to the hospital.

This is at 1.18pm.

Whilst waiting for grabcar, took these pictures to compare if it gets worse.

This is after zrytec which was given at roughly 1.15pm.

My poor paucheeks.

Eyes so puffy.

I kept watching him to see that he did not get breathing difficulties.

It happens if the reaction goes to his other system of organs.

Thankfully, that didn't happen.

Arrived at the children's emergency at 1.20pm. Told the triage nurse that he is having an allergic reaction.

Told them I already gave zrytrc 2.5mls. Nurse checked his heart rate and oxygen levels. Thankfully its ok.

Nurse ask for his IC. My hands were trembling like mad. Couldn't get his card out. Nurse told me to take a deep breath and relax. He said it's ok "you're in the hospital now. Isaiah is stabilized already".

Batdude arrived at 1.24pm. We just looked at each other.

We both do not know what to say

I can only think that we were lucky that I took half day leave. And it happen when I got back home.

I actually took leave to see the specialist about his low growth/weight problem.

After the ED visit, we went ahead to his appointment.

The dr was ok, in my mind I was just thinking that we should be around someone just in case rebound allergy reaction happens again.

The specialist assessed him and think that his slow growth is due to him not taking enough milk.

As he is a very active baby who doesn't drink enough calories to store weight, he will continue to lose weight when he starts crawling and moving about.

He doesn't think there is anything organically wrong with him. He calculated his estimate drinking of breast milk volume, and it is just not enough.

His plans were similar to my plans when we wanted to gain weight for Isaiah.

Adviced us to give him up to 20oz a day at least.

Yes, we will try!

Sigh pie!

The doctor also confirmed that his skin issue is seborric dermatitis and not due to allergy to dairy milk or eczema.

Got to just ride this one out.

I don't doubt that he will eczema. It's pretty common, but that diagnosis will come much later. After 6 months or so. Both treatment are the same.

Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize.

Thank you guys for your wishes.

I'm still a bit shell shocked. Sorry for not replying individually.

Updates on #paucheeks stats

Weight is still 5.7kg. Height is 61.5cm.

5.7kg end of August until now. Did not gain weight at all. 😞😞😞

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