Allergy kid #2

1: milk – negative.
2: soy – negative.
3: egg(whole) – positive.
4: egg(white) – positive.

5: peanut – positive.

6: sesame – negative
7: wheat – negative
8: fish – negative
9: shellfish – negative

– control
+ control

Size of the egg welts is huge!! 15mm x 7mm!!

Peanut is ok.

#25weeks today.

My smiley, allergic baby.


My 2 boys.

Isit because they cute, so you need to make them even more "special" than they already are?

I am sad/angry/denial until cannot already.

So, I'm passed all that. Now I'm more "sien" than ever.


I shouldn't breed anymore.

Clearly my genes are inferior combined with batdudes gene.

No matter how cute I think my never-to-be baby girl is.

Nope! No more.

Oh need to note down this

Last week (15 September 2016) he was 5.7kg and 61.5cm.

Today (21 September 2016) he is 5.915kg and 62.5cm.

Hell yea im so happy he put on some weight and grew a little taller!!!


At the clinic, the TV addict tilt his head until so far back.

It's comical.

Ha hahaah!!

He looks like venusaurus.

So funny la.

Asking for help

So during Isaiahs consultation, i ask the dr point blank that I need help.

Specifically mental health issue help. I ask him to refer me to a counselor just in case I can't take it. Basing on past experiences with Isaac, I definitely need legit help.

I'm just thinking if something progresses and I need a good excuse to my bosses for time off work. And a medical leave from a psychologist/psychiatrist to clear my post-traumatic disorder and anxiety will benefit me a lot.

I don't think I cope very well with this kind of shit

The nurse asked me a few questions and discussed with the allergist.

And they came to an agreement that we should be referred to as a family!

Family mental health counseling yo!

It's because it's easier to track our counseling sessions in a family based rather than just me alone. If it's me alone, I would have to be followed up under a obstetric/gynea which have to do the referring.

I'm not like batdude where he can compartmentalise his feelings. I go all batshit emo, then fine n positive

Then back to batshit emo again.

Can't seem to find many allergy friendly supportive friends around, no family support around, so this might be a good alternative.

Later PTSD again then have to quit my job again and can't do effective work.

Not only that, we also got referred to a allergy dietician because of my anxiety on starting Isaiah on solid food!

They really think I "Si liow si liow- cannot cope liow this woman"

Maybe I can, maybe I cannot.

I feel ok today. Hopefully no more issues.

And I don't want to deal with anymore unwarranted advices.

Erghhh suddenly dreading what my dumb MIL will say when she comes over next week.

Fuck la. Better warn batdude to ask his mom to zip her shit up.

She was my main contributor to my post natal blues with Isaac and PTSD fire stocker after his anaphylaxis episode.

1) say I torture Isaac by bringing him into this world. So hungry that's why keep crying all the time. Because I don't have enough breast milk!! Truth was he shat and started to cry, I wanted to change him but she thinks she can pacify him by rocking him. I just stared dumbfounded at her comments and "hello woman! I want to change his shit!"

2) refuse to believe he was allergic

To eggs and say it's not when already confirmed with allergist. Told her to be careful when eating soft boiled egg. Never listen and went and pick Isaac n kiss him after eating soft boil. Queue flares, queue hives.

Really really main contributor but someone doesn't believe me and claims I'm just attacking her personally just because "I don't like her"


To be honest, the only disagreement I have with batdude is about his mother. Sometimes SIL because she's protective of the mother.

Otherwise we are great.

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