Best boss is best.

Told her the situation on Isaiahs allergy.

And I told her if I cannot cope, I will tell her earlier in advanced so we can have a back up plan. This is like my "warning" to her. So glad she's accepting and open to it.

If I feel I'm unable to focus at work, we need to be informed earlier.

Also candidly discuss that I'm currently behaving like this is because, even though the cortisol level is high, fortunately the serotonin level is high enough to cover impact. That's y I not depress.

Kids, they act and live life as if nothing happens to them.

Mummy is a mess though.

So cute early morning korkor trying to read to didi.

So cute la. 😍❤️

Conversations with the husband.

Because I siow liow!!

7 million guys!

Buy first, think later.

Hehe we went for a walk in the evening. Visited toys r us where he went crazy playing with the toys there.

Then he ask me to take a pic of him within a billboard.


Oh my, it was delicious. My helper made super crispy fried chicken!!!! So crispy and light!!!

Brussel sprouts and bacon as sides. And oxtail soup.

#countmyblessings #effort

See the skin?

Sooooo crispy!!

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