Someone trying very hard to crawl.

Flash a smile first.

Reached out to my fingers for some moral support.

Getting angsty

Looks like he's smiling.

But he is getting very pissed.


Got his head stuck under pillows.

#asshole mom takes picture first before saving him.

Few days ago, Isaiah has started babbling.

His repertoire goes like this:


Dadadada (probably will call daddy first, just like Isaac did).

Blow rapsberry with the BBBrrrrrr sound and continues BRRrrrrr-Ing.

How come so fast one??

Desserts for breakfast, because, why not?


Practicing his brrrrttsss.

@mamaboo I'm trying to make "mummy's whey"

My breastmilk in a sterilsed avent food container and I left it in the top cupboards in my kitchen.

Cos it's been 1 day in the refrigerator and no changes. So I left it here instead.

What are your thoughts??

@wokandkadhai and me are trying together!

Left it at out today in room temperature at 5.30pm. It was 1 day in the fridge before this and I took the picture above at 8.00pm.

I'm a bit scared to leave it out so long. Maybe just overnight and I'll put it back in the refrigerator. Fingers cross don't turn bad.

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