Work from home

Open face sandwich of avocado, smoked salmon and salmon in can mashed (looks like tuna)

Eating smoked salmon like it's free.

Prepared 1.25mls cod liver oil + 6mls expressed milk at about 1.15pm.

Didn't out right reject it.

At some point, he did lunge forward to suck at the syringe.

I would say a not bad first attempt of weaning.

Fat die me lunch.

Foie gras with melted Camembert cheese on toast.

Working from home today.

I actually went to work but by 10.30am I'm like 😞😞😞😞 dying.

Asked boss if I can go home and work from home, I must have look quite bad, so she said sure.

Suppose to be working, ended up playing and nursing with didi. Hehe.

Ok la. Now I've locked the door. I've a TC later.

Chilling out in mummy's room this afternoon.

And by his 3rd swimming class, Isaac can swim already.

Not so much knowing his strokes, but he is not afraid of going under water. He can also kick to pivot himself.

Chill out guys!!!

My mummy whey looking like this. It's 2 full days coming to 3.

I don't see a definite layer. Why mine got 3 layer one?

I tot I could scoop the cream up. But it's so difficult.

Tasted it a little bit ricotta cheese I suppose. Smells reminds me of Isaiahs vomit smell.


Failed cream scooping.

How to get to the whey???

@mamaboo any ideas what I should do?

Hehe Isaac so cute.

Wrote his name on the note back which we keep track of didi feedings.

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