Isaac has been getting hit in school by another boy.


Checked with other moms in class, their son too has been hit!

It's not an isolated incident and this boy has been hitting other classmates since March this year.

Went and talk to the class teacher.

This morning, I marched to school and spoke with the teacher. This is the 2nd time I've done it in regards to the matter. First time was in late April (I remembered because it's after my confinement and still on maternity leave).

The matter did go down a bit after that.

But now, its back to being hit almost daily.

Most recent one is the boy hitting Isaac in his eye.

Another one is taking a toy in Chinese class and hit him on the back with it.

Early last week also he told me this boy very naughty.
Isaac said "Today he pinched my cheeks. And I cried."


Last straw was yesterday in a grabcar on the ride home, suddenly Isaac turn to me and said;
"Mummy, I tot XXX was a good boy, actually he's not. He is a naughty boy".

Later Isaac don't trust other boys already how? Cannot make new friends how?
He used to play with him cos Isaac is blur like that. Trusting until he got hit so many times.

Yesterday my helper also told me that XXX hit Isaac. Because when she picked him up from school, he was crying.

Apparently when XXX saw his mom, he deliberately whacked Isaac on his eye. WTF.

This boy needs professional help.

I told her teacher to let me know the outcome when she discusses with her senior leaders.

It's been such a frustrating week and an especially frustrating day.

Here's my reward which is also technically a punishment.


The class teacher got back to us in the evening.

She said her team leaders and principle and vice principle are working to keep an eye out for XXX and to help XXX integrate better in class.

She will update us and XXX mother of the progress.

The way I see it, this doesn't promise us that XXX will stop hitting any of our kids anymore.

Frankly I'm abit angry on the lack of proactiveness.

Why didn't they call us when hitting starts. Does that mean hitting is acceptable?

I'm still very angry.

I also forgot to tell her to inform us all the times that Isaac got hit.


I like to add that since Isaac has been telling me that XXX has been hitting him, I have always told Isaac not to hit back and tell his teacher immediately!!!

I also explain to Isaac that XXX cannot control himself and he doesn't know what his doing. So pls don't hit back ever ok?

Isaac seems to understand this.

When I talked to the teacher this morning, she herself volunteered the information that Isaac has never hit back.

I'm proud that my son is not an asshole.

He might be showing his distress in other ways though.

I'm not sure whether Isaac hits his father because he himself cannot control his emotions from school and thus takes it out on batdude???

And also has been quite violent this year at home since the school started and this new boy entered the classroom.

I think he is and it's not a 4 year old thing.

Because prior to the XXX joining his class, my Isaac was such a sweet boy!

I thought his behavior changed because I gave birth to didi and all that.

Started shouting and jumping more and hitting more things at home.

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