Practice practice practice

How? Can crawl soon?

I love this picture.

I don't know why he found korkor so funny.

One of those days where it is nice to work from home.

Then I promptly shoved didi to the helper and lock the door because I don't want Isaac to come in for a TC at 2pm.

I also escaped during lunch by going out of the house!

Fake spaghetti a.k.a spaghetti squash.

@hotcakes somehow I quite like it. It's a mixture of not so sweet pumpkin and zucchini?

Paleo bolognaese.

Mince pork+chicken with bacon. Used coconut milk to thicken it + tomato paste n some herbs.

Round 1.

Happy Halloween πŸ‘»!

Hehe. Only found in the 100 acre wood.

Is that the correct story?

Omnyomnyom #tigger



And I turn 7 months today. Or was it yesterday?

The rest are just outtakes.


So darn cute if I do say so myself.


Good morning everybody.

This was yesterday morning, both boys quietly playing with Takara tommy train set.

Quiet, because they were just watching the train. But super loud ok the train!

Acting cute.

This morning, practicing his crawl.


First time having sourdough bread with peanut butter.

At least a new option of carbs for him.


Lovely lunch.

At kinokuniya browsing super hero books.

Alcoholic husband!!!!

But he said this one absolutely no kick at all. Alcohol tolerance dam high man.

Maybe should join bratty and drink all his beer. Cc: @butterball

This three so cute!!

Seafood rapokki so guudddd

Peepurs birthday, but I got present. I love this spikes on havainas!!

Spaghetti story Part 1.

Part 2.

So cuteeeee 😍😍😍

Go after what creates meaning in your life, and trust yourself to handle the stress that follows.

Chasing meaning is better for your health than trying to avoid discomfort.

And that's the best way to make a decision.

Just realized that stress is good for myself.

And I'm going to WORK WITH IT!

Cc: @cikumuffin @strawbee who are an example of strong women who work with stress very well!

Barramundi grilled with hint of lemon and thyme + almond flakes/sliver

Butternut squash soup in chicken bone broth.


@kimberzilla I curi your hashtag can ah?

Close up.

Portion rd1.


Salted egg yolk fries 🍟

I do appreciate date nights. It really helps with the sanity.

Compared to when Isaac was the same age as Isaiah, it was a hustle and everyone felt so much resentment. No one had free time to do anything. We also didn't have a helper, so that did not help things at all.

Now, it's goooood. 😬

We happy.

30 weeks yesterday.

Still cute.

But still very small.

With a fiery temper.

At least I don't have to worry about korkor bullying you.

I think it might be the other way around. 😳

Aiyo my mom sent this video to me when I'm at work.

So 😍😍😍

Isaiahs laugh (or any other babies laugh) is like a singing bowl to clear the air and space of negative chi.

Love hearing it.

Pork tenderloin wrap with bacon.

Round 1.

SautΓ©ed organic asparagus.

Leftover pan fried salmon n asparagus wrapped in beef.


Concussed face.

Conversation with the husband

πŸ‘ΈπŸ» I get so annoyed when I see XXX Instagram.

πŸ’πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ I don't get it why do you get angsty about what ppl post on social media.

πŸ‘ΈπŸ» well, because it's so curated that it doesn't resemble their real life anymore?

πŸ’πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ Again, why are you so upset?

πŸ‘ΈπŸ» Because I don't understand why people like to live a LIE!

πŸ’πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ *I got him looking 😱- maybe he hasn't thought of it that way before*

Ps; I'm in no way referring to dayre friends. It's mostly family that has the -IL behind.


Back to paleo.

Cauliflower fried rice with stir fry beef in ginger coconut amino sauce.

Then spoil the healthy dinner with deep-fried luncheon meat stripes with beer.

What do you do when you think your son is an asshole.

Over the weekend, I felt disappointed and embarrassed by his behavior.

It's captured on video.

Took a chance with my microwave oven again.

Trying to play around with the function and hopefully roast my leg of lamb.

Today's leg of lamb is 2.5kg.

Looks pretty legit.

1hr 15mins on combination setting.

Turn the leg at halfway point.

Once this is done, 5mins on single grill on each side.

Verdict: outside of lamb is cooked, up to 1.5inch of the lamb.

Able to slice it through.

Does not taste like rubber ball. Parts where it is thin, like the tail end is abit chewy though.

Vegetables did not roast at all. Still "raw" but edible.

We slice up everything to keep in the fridge once we are done and the parts nearest to the bone still very red.

Overall, it's ok but nothing like roasting it in real oven.

Working from home is the best!

Get to see this smiley one.


Doing push up.


Heart shape eyes.
Cc: @jennylau

Korkor!!!! Why did you draw on didis head!!!!

Shiok la I get to eat a baby that smells like butter (from all the physiogel cream we slathered on his eczematous skin).

Watching him eating carrots.

I'm looking to see if there is sign of reaction.

On Monday he had carrots fried in butter and blended with bone marrow stock, and by evening his face and neck was red. His whole back was also red from the neck down to the buttocks.

Let's see how this is.

Husbands and mine.

Sometimes you feel when you cannot get lower, life will throw a curveball at your and you'll go…..


It can. And it will happen.

Let me tell you what happen to me.

So for the past few weeks, I've noticed that I've been getting incrementally heavier and heavier. (Fine, not the past week but since August. When I started eating 1durian snow skin mooncake a Night X 2 weeks).

And since this week, I've been experiencing the familiar cramps and pulling and stretching of my upper abdomen. Well, hello gluten (and possibly lactose) intolerance. You're back with a vengeance

Ive started weighing myself again this week, surprise surprise (Not really)!

I've gained 5kg since mid August. Wtf BBQ!!! And over the weekend I continued to gain.

Nvm, lets start taking action, you say.

Let's start working out, let's start eating back paleo which is what I should be doing. Let's cut out processed food.

Ok! Let's!
In fact I joined a gym yesterday! Since my gym closed down, I had to join another one.

And today! Omg! Today!

I already have trouble fitting into my clothes. Let alone, looking presentable. Not only am I 4kg away from my peak pregnancy weight, I'm also flabby as hell.

Nvm, nvm. Can still hold head up high cos my sales team term me as "bak Chio". It's cool, it's ok.

But today! Nooo. I'm crushed.

See what happen is, as I was making my way to the "mothers room" to express milk, my shoe heels suddenly got caught on the floor.

I tried to lift my shoe up, it wouldn't budge.

So I tug and tug and tug!

And HOLEY!!!! My heels made a stiletto sized hole in the floor!!


I'm so heavy, I made a hole in the office floor!

My normal walking weight is apparently like a hammer and elephant combined.

Oh Lordy!

I feel so bad. For myself and for the carpeted floor!!

Divine intervention is needed.

In fact, it's telling me loud and clear like a hole in the floor, to SHAPE UP!

I am a real OBESE person.




Hello!!! Thank you @cikumuffin for the lactating cookies.

I know it's for Isaiah and I will eat it wisely.

Not all at once.





To start…


Unprocessed food again!


We are back at KKH for Isaacs drug challenge.

Challenging him on amoxicillin 1 dose.

Hopefully no reaction!!!

Isaac had 1 dose of amoxicillin at 9.00am and we are hanging out in the hospital for 3 hours to make sure he is ok.

Now I'm sitting in the waiting area, with baby at boobies napping and drinking, I'm looking at all the other kids around.
And my heart is just so full. Like 😍😍😍 this.

As much as I say I don't want anymore kids (due to stress of #2 also having allergies), deep inside I'm still "there is room for 1-2 more".

But how ah? I can't handle the anxiety of them being #allergykid too.

Right after the 9.00 am dose, looking zombified from the tv.

10.30am vital signs check.


Luckily it's normal la.

Didi falls asleep waiting for korkor.

Yeay!!! We got discharge at 12! Can go home liow!

So happy cos korkor didn't have a reaction in that 3 hrs after the amoxicillin dose.

Korkor also had to draw blood for his igE antibody level monitoring of egg, milk, cashew and pistachio.

Didn't even flinch.

Or cry. Or made any sound.

What the!!'n πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ˜΅πŸ˜΅πŸ˜΅

No more a πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

10mls blood collection needle quite big one leh. No cry!


Took this picture to show to his grandparents that he was so brave. So he gave a fake emo face.

Parents was dam hungry after that so went to eat at Tim ho wan.

Pork rib rice.

N we each had 3 char Siew bun.

Stress ok, waiting for his results just now, so we rewarded ourselves.

Siew mai for tummy filler.

And spicy prawn paste char Siew noodle.

Passed out baby after milk.

Hair flapping with the fan.

Operation "wet wrap" starting from today.

Korkor eczema is really bad with dry scaly skin.

Wet wrap to continue for 1 week.

It is tubifast soaked in QV bath oil. It goes over the body parts that has been slathered with steroids and copious amount of physiogel.

Hhehe so cute la passed out.

Hardly every naps and took this picture so commemorate his 1.5hrs nap.

Manage to nap cos korkor had swimming class and the house was quiet shhhh

#paucheeks: korkor, it's too early in the morning to be rough-housing.

πŸ‘ΆπŸ»: dear lord, please give me strength to deal with korkor today.

πŸ‘ΆπŸ»: pleaseeeeeeee. Helppp.

πŸ‘ΆπŸ»: You know what, korkor hugs actually feels kinda nice.

Hello gluten-baby, you are back.


Just chilling.

Cuppa first.

Moschino, your fashion now is 😳😳😳

Capsules on bags!

Phone cover also tablet bottles.


Look at the sling bag. Siow ah?

Had lunch with cousins at the D.C. Cafe.

Surprisingly food is decent!

Always in distress because I'm not carrying him.

Sleepy also la

Back home, he is as happy as a lark.

Look at that derpy face!

Hehehe so derpy.

So happy today.

We weight this #paucheeks and he's roughly 6.3kg. An increase of 400gm since 21 September. Roughly 100gm/week?

Ok faster grow more fat fat.

Mmmm. Attempted to feed him avocado today.

Organic one ok.

But someone wasn't too keen.

Just played with it in his mouth.

Initially was very happy to be fed, then he realized it was tasteless.

So he give me the sien face.

Gave up on the avocado.

So I heat up the chicken liver + ghee in bone marrow stock.

Look at him slurping it.

Bread Street Kitchen – Marina Bay Shoppes

Went to Bread Street Kitchen – Gordon Ramsay for our belated anniversary lunch.

We shared a starter of pork ??? rillet? With pistachio + quail eggs + onion jam.

It's so good.

Batdude bad the fish and chips, and I must say, it's sooooo yummy.

The batter is light and crispy.

I had the short ribs beef burger.

The BBQ sauce was so good!! Everything is very well seasoned and tasty.

Even the tomato ketchup.

Shared a dessert of BSK snickers bar with popcorn ice cream.

Anything with peanut butter and caramel and chocolate is a win.

I like that it's not cloyingly sweet.

Would love to go back again to nyom.

Hubs just sent this picture. He's back from work and I just finish work appointment.

Omg so precious looking.

Why eyes so big and luminous.


Can't wait to go back and smell him.

Oh, and see Isaac and batdude too la. Hehe.

Jellyfish in the lobby waiting for my ride home.


I wanna go home. But it's Friday traffic and my grab took forever to reach me so I canceled the booking. 20 minutes and not here yet.

Queued for cab and within the minute I got one. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

And I missed my pump time because of the team meet. So, boobs hurt, back hurt, head pounding etc.

But I'm going home now.

Good morning. πŸ˜ƒ

I'm really liking the avocado. No bruise!

Saying good bye to didi before leaving for work.

How to leave like that?

Smiling so sweetly at me.

Last peek before I close the door. 😒

So tiring, being a baby.

Today must be extra tiring because you sprouted another pearly white!!!

Top right tooth. 3 tooth in total!

Trying to take weekly milestone shot but I got toddler block by the korkor.

Then this one happily playing with the curtains.

Luckily manage to get 1 or 2 nice shots.

Overly excited!

Then korkor started whining to ask me to stop so didi also stare cock at him.

I asked Isaac y can't take picture of didi, isit you jealous?

He said yup. "But I take picture of you also ma!"

Then he whine whine whine all the way to the dinner table.

Ahhhh such is toddlerhood.

At least he admits he is jealous of didi. I'm glad he tells me that.

Newborn shots are here after 6 months!

So cute.

How come I look slimmer 5 days after giving birth vs now???

Lashes are real.

Double chin too.


I've forgotten how soft and squishy he was.

😦 mouth




Morning quiet time with this one.

Best part about working from home today. 😍

Go to sleep la!

So funny ah being mummy's work company for today. 😍😍

Lunch today is warm spinach salad. Toppings of bacon, leftover roasted chicken, Swiss button mushroom and onions.


Isaacs new bed is here!

Due to his dustmite allergy, we got rid of the old bed. (That was so old, probably 20 yo?)


Reality of working from home.

I guess it beats washing breast pump?

Dinner partner today.

Pappadom better than McDonalds French fries? Haha. 🍟

Roti bomb!

But pretty exp though for this place.

Isaac school has asked us to bring him back after the morning health screening.

Apparently there are white spots inside his mouth.

He came back, and I had a look, there was no white spots only red spots at the back of his mouth.

Anyway, he needs clearance from Doctor that it is not HFMD.

FHL. Doctors only open at 8.30am.

At the doctors now waiting to be seen.

Checked his vital signs and there is no fever.

Had a look again inside his mouth, only red spots.

Oh well. Need official clearance now before he can go back to school.

I feel he so poor thing, got turn away at school. Now he's asking me if the doctor says he's ok, can he go back to school.


Wooowooowooo (that's me crying inside)

Share something funny that Isaac said.

I ask him whether I should put make up to bring to the doctors.

He said yes, ask me put lipstick because I look prettier with make up. And when I go out, I must put make up.

He was watching me patting on powder etc and kept reminding me to wear lipstick.

Aiyooo, I really look like shit meh??

Looks severe. Luckily it's just early days of tonsillitis and pharyngitis!

Cleared to go back to school.

Sometimes i wonder if my decision to breastfeed made my children the way they are.

Hyperimmunized because my body released too much toxin into them.


Happy anniversary to you too.

I love you too.


Anniversary ice cream and affogato.

We didn't have any dinner but just a quick 1:1 time after putting the kids to sleep at the ice cream place opposite.

He got me flowers too.

Wasn't expecting that! 😍🎁

At a Malay Indian wedding.

Nice decor. Elegant yet simple.

Food is briyani and other yums stuff.

Round 1


Out the whole afternoon

To meet up with the lady who delivered Isaac.

Didi looks moody cos literally just woke up. Like 1 minute ago.

So cute here la!

πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ face.

Perked up after that and back to His cheerful self.

Isaac got a gift from her too.

So cheeky this fella!

2nd day of me using the babybliss ionic brush.

After shampooing and conditioner I forgot to put my usual Argan oil cos baby crying. But I did remember just brushing my hair with the comb.

And today I woke up, it's so soft and smooth looking!!! 😱😱😱


Swimming class in session!

Prefer the hot sun because this boy shivers if too long in the water.

First time trying roasted butternut squash.


Looks happy. I think he likes it.

And I hope he doesn't reject meat already since he has tasted something sweet.

See the red line on Isaacs nose?

Isaiah scratch him. Yup. With a war cry!

@calvinadawn all the frozen wipes you can buy!!!! $2 at GWC atrium. In front of toys r us.

#dayrepoison is real.

I got it too because of the brush.

Cc: @calvinadawn & @whoisbabydustmummy

Bought this in GWC Watson and they only have the hair loss shampoo + conditioner bundle.


Sorry bad pic

After. Omg!!

Look at the difference!!

More obvious?

I just comb it through only. Convinced!!!



Look at the bottom of the hair.

Really makes the hair smooth. I can run my fingers through my hair now.

Previously I can't because of the damage on my hair made it knot together.


Quite anti climax because it's just a regular bag.


I love it because it's the shape of my dream bag (take a guess, but I'll never pay so much for the dream bag).

Also love the colour and faux exotic skin (embossed python).

Most importantly, I love that the husband indulges me with no hard feelings. Timely pick up.

Thank you. 😘😘

Best part is, it's 50% off with additional 10% off because Taka member.

I love a good bargain.

"I'm holding didis hand so he doesn't touch my things"



Yes, yes you did.

But the hair!!

Not Instagram worthy but who has time to retake?

Smoked salmon on toast. One is with a fried egg, another with sauerkraut.


So freaking shiok. The rice is so good. But I didn't finish it. I really try to NOT finish it #cause #obese.

Thanks batdude for the early anniversary present.

It suddenly hit me, maybe my emotional instability is due to me not exercising.

And I'm not just being in denial or over reacting to my weight.

πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌthis BMI wheel shows my BMI. I am OBESE.

This is not a vanity issue, it's a health issue.

Ok, no more ice cream, no more durian mooncake.

Have to #portioncontrol again.

I understand I have been eating more than usual (dam you hunger hormones) but the calories are not being optimize.

Ps: the wheel is not flawed, this is an Asian BMI wheel.

When your 4 year old takes a realistic picture of how you actually look like.


#yes #iamreallyobese

Today he said he was a shark.

I tried taking pic of didi with the solid food milestone card, but failed miserably.

He kept crying.

Not sure he didn't like the lamb in marrow stock, or he was tired.

Because he had the same thing at lunch and apparently he ate a lottttttt!!

Dinner today is my own sauerkraut, artichoke caper chicken, lamb stew, purple potato and some white rice.

Tiger mom mode on!

But, I didn't even ask him. He ownself find book, find pencil and eraser.

Fed didi liver again.

And he hates it!!!!

This round I didn't fry it in coconut oil. Instead I use the fat from the beef marrow that solidify in the fridge to fry it. Thin down with the soup stock.

Smelled very "liver". Metallic smell. I think got put off by the smell.

My jiggly beef marrow stock.

This guys here smiling during lunch today.

Pseudo atas French food again. Brought MIL n sil for lunch.

I had the warm salad. It was really good. Buratta cheese and asparagus and other grilled veggies

Snapper with croutons and capers.

Texture of fish is good but overall underwhelming taste.

I had desserts there. But I still wanted ice cream.

Specifically Godiva chocolate ice cream. So off to taka B2. Hehe.

Wanted to record down that my SIL tried my momma whey sauerkraut!!!!!

She asked me whether would this be considered canabalism? Haha. Of course not la! Anyway, she had only maybe 1/4 of a teaspoon.

Then I ask batdude to try cos his sister already did. He took 1/2 a tablespoon and said that it's not bad. Abit sourish, but that's how saurkraut taste like!

First day of solids | Calf liver.

#6months and sitting up.

I didn't know he could sit up. #failmom

I think it just naturally comes with age.

Beef marrow stock for #paucheeks first few foods.

What's left of the marrow after 72 hours in the slow cooker.



Cute la you didi!!!!

Fed him solids for the first time today.

Calf liver stir fried in coconut oil and thin down with the bone marrow stock.

I was salivating when I was cooking the liver. Well, I love liver, so it was really aromatic. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

I had a taste of it, it tasted so rich!

Grabbed the spoon because he was so impatient.

Kept shouting at me to faster give him more.

See the shiok face!

Not letting go of he spoon.

"Hey give me more! That was so good!"

I'm really surprised he like it!

Yes, you'll be eating steak with mummy soon! Yum πŸ‘…

Tried taking picture of him with the sitting milestone card.

Mostly failures.

Can't see nothing.

Probably will try again tomorrow.

Went swimming today too.

Paucheeks really really enjoyed himself.

Korkor just haphazardly swimming around. He's been very confident in the water now which in turn means, less whining.

Chilling baby.

Like a baws

He was so so happy la.

Look at his gleeful face!

Really love this one. He looks so cute here!!!

Shooting rainbows with his smile.

Yes you. Talking about you!

Artsy shot with me in it!

Updates on my sauerkraut


Smells and taste like sauerkraut.

My sil say she don't mind giving it a go.

Batdude will not touch it with a 10 feet pole.

But it really taste light and refreshing. Just the right hint of tartness.

Yum yum.

Late night ice cream run with sil