First day of solids | Calf liver.

#6months and sitting up.

I didn't know he could sit up. #failmom

I think it just naturally comes with age.

Beef marrow stock for #paucheeks first few foods.

What's left of the marrow after 72 hours in the slow cooker.



Cute la you didi!!!!

Fed him solids for the first time today.

Calf liver stir fried in coconut oil and thin down with the bone marrow stock.

I was salivating when I was cooking the liver. Well, I love liver, so it was really aromatic. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

I had a taste of it, it tasted so rich!

Grabbed the spoon because he was so impatient.

Kept shouting at me to faster give him more.

See the shiok face!

Not letting go of he spoon.

"Hey give me more! That was so good!"

I'm really surprised he like it!

Yes, you'll be eating steak with mummy soon! Yum πŸ‘…

Tried taking picture of him with the sitting milestone card.

Mostly failures.

Can't see nothing.

Probably will try again tomorrow.

Went swimming today too.

Paucheeks really really enjoyed himself.

Korkor just haphazardly swimming around. He's been very confident in the water now which in turn means, less whining.

Chilling baby.

Like a baws

He was so so happy la.

Look at his gleeful face!

Really love this one. He looks so cute here!!!

Shooting rainbows with his smile.

Yes you. Talking about you!

Artsy shot with me in it!

Updates on my sauerkraut


Smells and taste like sauerkraut.

My sil say she don't mind giving it a go.

Batdude will not touch it with a 10 feet pole.

But it really taste light and refreshing. Just the right hint of tartness.

Yum yum.

Late night ice cream run with sil

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