Tiger mom mode on!

But, I didn't even ask him. He ownself find book, find pencil and eraser.

Fed didi liver again.

And he hates it!!!!

This round I didn't fry it in coconut oil. Instead I use the fat from the beef marrow that solidify in the fridge to fry it. Thin down with the soup stock.

Smelled very "liver". Metallic smell. I think got put off by the smell.

My jiggly beef marrow stock.

This guys here smiling during lunch today.

Pseudo atas French food again. Brought MIL n sil for lunch.

I had the warm salad. It was really good. Buratta cheese and asparagus and other grilled veggies

Snapper with croutons and capers.

Texture of fish is good but overall underwhelming taste.

I had desserts there. But I still wanted ice cream.

Specifically Godiva chocolate ice cream. So off to taka B2. Hehe.

Wanted to record down that my SIL tried my momma whey sauerkraut!!!!!

She asked me whether would this be considered canabalism? Haha. Of course not la! Anyway, she had only maybe 1/4 of a teaspoon.

Then I ask batdude to try cos his sister already did. He took 1/2 a tablespoon and said that it's not bad. Abit sourish, but that's how saurkraut taste like!

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