@calvinadawn all the frozen wipes you can buy!!!! $2 at GWC atrium. In front of toys r us.

#dayrepoison is real.

I got it too because of the brush.

Cc: @calvinadawn & @whoisbabydustmummy

Bought this in GWC Watson and they only have the hair loss shampoo + conditioner bundle.


Sorry bad pic

After. Omg!!

Look at the difference!!

More obvious?

I just comb it through only. Convinced!!!



Look at the bottom of the hair.

Really makes the hair smooth. I can run my fingers through my hair now.

Previously I can't because of the damage on my hair made it knot together.


Quite anti climax because it's just a regular bag.


I love it because it's the shape of my dream bag (take a guess, but I'll never pay so much for the dream bag).

Also love the colour and faux exotic skin (embossed python).

Most importantly, I love that the husband indulges me with no hard feelings. Timely pick up.

Thank you. 😘😘

Best part is, it's 50% off with additional 10% off because Taka member.

I love a good bargain.

"I'm holding didis hand so he doesn't touch my things"



Yes, yes you did.

But the hair!!

Not Instagram worthy but who has time to retake?

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