Isaac school has asked us to bring him back after the morning health screening.

Apparently there are white spots inside his mouth.

He came back, and I had a look, there was no white spots only red spots at the back of his mouth.

Anyway, he needs clearance from Doctor that it is not HFMD.

FHL. Doctors only open at 8.30am.

At the doctors now waiting to be seen.

Checked his vital signs and there is no fever.

Had a look again inside his mouth, only red spots.

Oh well. Need official clearance now before he can go back to school.

I feel he so poor thing, got turn away at school. Now he's asking me if the doctor says he's ok, can he go back to school.


Wooowooowooo (that's me crying inside)

Share something funny that Isaac said.

I ask him whether I should put make up to bring to the doctors.

He said yes, ask me put lipstick because I look prettier with make up. And when I go out, I must put make up.

He was watching me patting on powder etc and kept reminding me to wear lipstick.

Aiyooo, I really look like shit meh??

Looks severe. Luckily it's just early days of tonsillitis and pharyngitis!

Cleared to go back to school.

Sometimes i wonder if my decision to breastfeed made my children the way they are.

Hyperimmunized because my body released too much toxin into them.

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