Mmmm. Attempted to feed him avocado today.

Organic one ok.

But someone wasn't too keen.

Just played with it in his mouth.

Initially was very happy to be fed, then he realized it was tasteless.

So he give me the sien face.

Gave up on the avocado.

So I heat up the chicken liver + ghee in bone marrow stock.

Look at him slurping it.

Bread Street Kitchen – Marina Bay Shoppes

Went to Bread Street Kitchen – Gordon Ramsay for our belated anniversary lunch.

We shared a starter of pork ??? rillet? With pistachio + quail eggs + onion jam.

It's so good.

Batdude bad the fish and chips, and I must say, it's sooooo yummy.

The batter is light and crispy.

I had the short ribs beef burger.

The BBQ sauce was so good!! Everything is very well seasoned and tasty.

Even the tomato ketchup.

Shared a dessert of BSK snickers bar with popcorn ice cream.

Anything with peanut butter and caramel and chocolate is a win.

I like that it's not cloyingly sweet.

Would love to go back again to nyom.

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