Sometimes you feel when you cannot get lower, life will throw a curveball at your and you'll go…..


It can. And it will happen.

Let me tell you what happen to me.

So for the past few weeks, I've noticed that I've been getting incrementally heavier and heavier. (Fine, not the past week but since August. When I started eating 1durian snow skin mooncake a Night X 2 weeks).

And since this week, I've been experiencing the familiar cramps and pulling and stretching of my upper abdomen. Well, hello gluten (and possibly lactose) intolerance. You're back with a vengeance

Ive started weighing myself again this week, surprise surprise (Not really)!

I've gained 5kg since mid August. Wtf BBQ!!! And over the weekend I continued to gain.

Nvm, lets start taking action, you say.

Let's start working out, let's start eating back paleo which is what I should be doing. Let's cut out processed food.

Ok! Let's!
In fact I joined a gym yesterday! Since my gym closed down, I had to join another one.

And today! Omg! Today!

I already have trouble fitting into my clothes. Let alone, looking presentable. Not only am I 4kg away from my peak pregnancy weight, I'm also flabby as hell.

Nvm, nvm. Can still hold head up high cos my sales team term me as "bak Chio". It's cool, it's ok.

But today! Nooo. I'm crushed.

See what happen is, as I was making my way to the "mothers room" to express milk, my shoe heels suddenly got caught on the floor.

I tried to lift my shoe up, it wouldn't budge.

So I tug and tug and tug!

And HOLEY!!!! My heels made a stiletto sized hole in the floor!!


I'm so heavy, I made a hole in the office floor!

My normal walking weight is apparently like a hammer and elephant combined.

Oh Lordy!

I feel so bad. For myself and for the carpeted floor!!

Divine intervention is needed.

In fact, it's telling me loud and clear like a hole in the floor, to SHAPE UP!

I am a real OBESE person.




Hello!!! Thank you @cikumuffin for the lactating cookies.

I know it's for Isaiah and I will eat it wisely.

Not all at once.





To start…


Unprocessed food again!


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