Took a chance with my microwave oven again.

Trying to play around with the function and hopefully roast my leg of lamb.

Today's leg of lamb is 2.5kg.

Looks pretty legit.

1hr 15mins on combination setting.

Turn the leg at halfway point.

Once this is done, 5mins on single grill on each side.

Verdict: outside of lamb is cooked, up to 1.5inch of the lamb.

Able to slice it through.

Does not taste like rubber ball. Parts where it is thin, like the tail end is abit chewy though.

Vegetables did not roast at all. Still "raw" but edible.

We slice up everything to keep in the fridge once we are done and the parts nearest to the bone still very red.

Overall, it's ok but nothing like roasting it in real oven.

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