Me n didi having kopi. Just sent korkor to mandarin class.

There is a MSF happening in united square.

I saw a pamphlet when I was walking around randomly.

I read every single "poster" (in English and Malay of course. I'm Tamil and mandarin illiterate).

And stood there almost in tears. So sad for the children.

Batdude, when both kids finish PSLE, we are fostering ok???

This is definitely something that makes me ☹️. I also dunno why I'm so moved by it la.

Chow mien with stir fried beef.


Yellow zoodles really look like chow mien ah.

How? Got like real thing?

Brought out korkors old toys.

Both seem to be enjoying it.

This used to be Isaacs DJ console.

So funny right?

All the music.


And sounds.

Money well spent.

Eh wait, we got this from batdudes boss as Isaacs baby gift.

Dinner is paleo gumbo.

Lamb bone broth as stock.
Fried onion, garlic, diced tomato, bell peppers. Seasoned with loads of Cajun spice.

Minced beef and minced chicken (cos no chorizo). Added in spencer gulf king prawns.

Served with cauliflower rice (dumped into the soupy stew). Stew could have been thicker, but forgot to thicken it with arrowroot flour.

Note: I don't know how I'm going back to eating farmed prawns cos this king prawns was so briney n firm. Like eating fresh sea water.

Batdude and his happy hour asahi beer. $9 for a pint. Yes please!

And cake. The hazelnut is gold in colour.

So funny la this Isaiah trying to figure out how to crawl.

Looks more like his gonna pivot and πŸƒ run off!!

So cuteeee. #bias

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