Hehehe dunno y the face

Lazy baby BLW.

He doesn't know how to hold the banana. So I had to hold it for him.

And he ate 3/4 of the whole banana quietly. Just nyom nyom nyom until 3/4!!!

I'm actually quite surprised he can eat so much of the banana. It's the cavendish breed.

This mornings brotherly love.

You can tell who is the most enthusiastic one and who don't really like it. 🙄

First time ate, and sat quietly and slept in the stroller today.

I bumped into my friend in velocity just now, so we had lunch together.

#paucheeks sat opposite her nyoming on the banana quietly.

She took his picture and told me he reminded her of a Japanese cartoon.

Haha got at? Not sure what's the name of the character though.

N she kept saying he's so cute the whole time.

Me and Paucheeks tomorrow!!!!

See you KL!!!!

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