Hanging in the gold lounge.

But why so dirty??

Isit cos only gold lounge? Haha.

Tissue everywhere and sticky couches.

I know it's busy la, but cannot be clean.

Anyway just gonna be here 15-30 mins cos #paucheeks sleeping then I wanna go shopping!!!

Not much food ah.

Super kaypoh onboard!

Sitting quietly on flight. Babbling to himself. Playing by himself.

I boob him on and off to hydrate him and calm him down a little. He kept wanting to read (grab) the neighbors newspaper.

So glad for pick-up from the airport.

Don't need to get harassed by taxi toto

Lobby!! Arghhhh.

I love everything about this hotel.

Walking towards the lift. Love it!!!

Another view. ❤️

Library cum breakfast serving place.

Walking towards my room.

I love the wall paneling, colour combo and the lights.

View when I walk in.

The bathroom!!

Didi and me approve!

This afternoon, lunch at mdm Kwan.

I'd be having expensive not worth it char kuey teow and didi will be having….

Honey dewwwww!!!!

I think he ate 1/4 of that slice and I gave up holding.

Dinner!!! Finally!

So happy when we got to check in this afternoon!

Tv console and desk.

Sofa which is large enough for a person to sit in. Maybe my sis can bunk in one of the nights.

Armchair to breastfeed in.

Love the king size bed too.

View from where we are sitting on the sofa.

Yes mummy, I am pleased with the room.

Me too didi!

View from the bed.

The lobby lounge is so me too!!

I really wanna find out who did the ID.

Going to almost 💯 steal the idea for my future house.

One of the sitting area leading to the star hill walk way.

Where I'm gonna have breakfast tomorrow


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