Play date time!

Thanks to @Eviee for the photos because I couldn't be bothered to take photos of him.

Didn't want to play anything until after 1.5 hours of playtime

Then he started warming up and wouldn't stop


Ambulance was called today.

Our security guard was taken to the hospital.

Batdude found him on the floor. He was in pain before that. Long story actually.

Batdude got stuck in the pool toilet cos the door knob got jammed up. Fetch my helper for hammer n screw driver. He attempted to helped but the whole time he was shaking in pain. we told him to go rest. After we got Batdude out we went n check on him in the guard house.

He looked out just a little in pain so we went up to shower. Came back down to check n he was

Found on the floor 😱😱😱😱

Of course Batdude had to assess him and called the ambulance. Even then uncle security didn't want to go with the ambulance.

Ok la, suppose to be a relaxing swim turn out to be so drama!

Steak time!

Pan fry rib eye grass fed steak for didi.

Underwhelming la. He was not that interested

Still don't know how to hold it and put it into his mouth

But he kept sucking until all the juice ran out from his mouth and drip all over the chair and hands etc

Omnyomnyom so suffering isit?

Last Friday I had a short and sweet catch up with @omamee for tea!!

Thanks for coming all the way to our hotel. Sorry you couldn't stay long for tea cos it would be so jam in the evening.

So sweet ah, sumore give anggooboy's door gift to him. 😍😍😍😍

Then I don't have any photos with you to post up. Sorry ah. Heheh.

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