Hospital visit, Round 1.

Here for Isaacs asthma and allergic rhinitis review.

We just finish his 6 weeks level 3 asthma management.

Then his cough asthma variant has stop, but he's got a new runny nose. 😑😑😑😑 never ending.

2nd round review.

This time it's for Isaiah low weight gain.

My head is spinning.

I cannot deal with the low weight.

Isaiah today at 7 months and 2 weeks:

Weight: 6.3kg (pain point)
Height: 64.5cm (painful but not worrying)

Percentile: unrecordable. Drop until no where near the last line.

+ introduce grains. He needs a lot of calories to cope with his more active movements. (To make sure he's not allergic to it)
+ 1 tsp of oil mix into his food.
+ introduce soy (milk or tofu form). This is to make sure he doesn't develop allergy to it.

+ introduce dairy into his food. Recommended yogurt or high bake milk/cream. E.g. To bake rice pudding with milk.

To see dietician back in 2 weeks to reassess.

If have not put on weight, have to add formula milk into his food.

Honestly, I'm willing to give grains ago just to see if it helps with the extra calorie boost. Dietician is also ok with me taking grains off once Isaiah has put on weight and is not allergic to it.

Not willing to give dairy. Will hold on to it.

Eggs and nuts ❌

I'm also feeling very stressed because I want to introduce a lot variety of food to him. But I'm not home to watch him!

I can't just let the helper intro n let her deal with the flares or anything if it happens.

If in these 2 weeks he doesn't put on weight, im going to take the whole of December off to help him put on weight and introduce a lot more new food stuff.

I want to try giving him more variety of fruits and vege too!

Target weight to put on is 150gms in these 2 weeks.

Pls la pls la put on weight la.

So being the Kiasu mom, after the consult, I quickly went home and made some oats for him.

Added apple puree with the oats. Forgot to add avocado oil because too kan cheong.

Looked like he enjoyed it. Ate almost 2oz of it maybe a bit more.


2 hrs after oats introduction, he reacted a little to it.

Small red spots on his trunks. A little on his thighs and arm folds.

Was then in a negative and angry mode. 😡😡😡 knn oats also allergic ah?

Not sure can see clearly the red bumps.

Consulted husband on whether should intro rice for dinner.

He said ok let's intro rice cos he saw the rash on didi tummy already yesterday. So might not be the oats.

Dinner is lamb cooked in bone broth + rice cooked in bone broth to porridge consistency + 1 teaspoon of ghee!

Ate maybe almost 2 oz of it.

Then he was tired and sleepy and started looking at me with puppy dog eyes and babbled "mamamamama" – help me. So dinner ended there.

Glad no reaction to rice. But then, usually shouldn't react to rice la.

It really is a challenge for us to introduce new food to him.

We are so scared because of food allergies. Can never know when he will react to any food.

At least we know that egg and peanut is a no.

But with these allergy kids, anything can happen.

I just soaked oats with soy milk for breakfast tomorrow.

I really really hope he doesn't react to soy. If not, you know where we will be heading tomorrow.

Erghhhh my head is pounding again from the strain/stress.

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