Chin up, keep swimming.

Even though your neck is strained from the stress manifestation.

And *drumrolls* I have an teleconference audit sumore today. *add oil to the flame*

Don't burn out please.

Couldn't sleep last night, kept falling asleep and as soon as I feel like I'm asleep, I jerk up awake. It went on until 3am!

Happy girl picture is what I hope to be.


Back to salads. I can stomach salads again.

This loaf of bread is 3/4 gone!

Quite happy. Maybe tonight make another loaf.

Husband told me this morning that Isaac demanded for the bread from the helper. He said "yaya, can you please fry the bread for me?" It's in the fridge cause no preservative ma, scared spoil.

Husband corrected him and said "you mean to toast the bread, not fry"

Isaac can answer "oh ya" sumore. So cute.

Obviously I'm not a morning person and when he told me this my face was still one with the pillow.

Happy that Isaac likes the bread.

I think everyone likes the bread. I've been stealing bits of it from Paucheeks squashy remnants. Taste so good. Must be from the molasses.

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