At Isaacs PTM.

Spotted him on the notice board. Pics of him in concert.

His "Donald trump" concert.


Teachers think that Isaac is a very very kind boy! Kind??????

😱😱🤔😳 me and husbands face. Haha.

And Isaac has a lot of friends. Apparently everybody in class likes him cos he's charming and cheerful.

Say what??????? I thought he is super moody and selfish. Omg.

At least he is very well behaved outside. He still doesn't want to participate in stuff where he thinks it's silly or where there is too many ppl (hates new crowds new situation).

But kind? Wahhh awesome. Today we win a little.

Hehehee. Can't wait for my birthday cake and cupcakes!

1st semester

"Isaac is a caring boy who readily lends a helping hand to his friends. He enjoys reading books and exploring beginning rhymes of words. I am happy to see him growing more confident over the months."

2nd semester:

"Isaac is a friendly and helpful child. His cheery demeanor has made him a friend to many children in the classroom. He pays attention to details in daily work. Keep up these wonderful dispositions, Isaac!"

Mother of 2 come out and wet ah!

Must take pic!!

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