Able to stand up on his own now. 😱

Excuse his skinny limbs and big head on a small body.

And korkor made a kite which actually flew!

Telling us what he painted on the kite.

See, it flew!

Clearer pic of the kite. He says the blue bus looking thing is our "blue sports car"

Striking a pose.

It's so hot!

I really like this marina barrage place.


Fly kite, fly.

Oh, kite is dedZ.

Then they had a mini picnic indoors

Happy, but extremely sweaty and flush.

My Next loot is here!

Well, not exactly mine, but it's Isaac and Isaiahs.

Twinning outfit one.

4 pack multi colour T-shirt and shorts.


The softest bathrobe ever!!!

For before and after swim twinning!

Twinning outfit #3!

I super love this t-shirt la.

The mustache is flappable.

Skinny foil print jeans.
Cause they're rock stars in the making.

The foil print deets at the back.

So cute.

Sorry ah, everything so cute.

Pajamas time!

Superheroes, bedtime together since 2016.

Last but not least, captain America jammies just for korkor.

Cos he needs to feel special to protect didi la hor.

Bread proof and into the oven!

Today with the cold weather, it actually took slightly longer to proof.

So I cheated, I put it on top the oven when it was pre heating and immediately it proof lo. Like within 45 mins all done! The heat from the oven sure helped!

I was waiting for an hour plus and it didn't move an inch.


I though cos I reduce 5mg of sugar that it went haywire then I realize today quite cold so did some experimenting. Tadaa!

Alright, bread is baked.

Time to sleep.

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