Yesterday MIL birthday lunch celebration.

Smiley baby being all, smiley.

And #1 wanted to be a baby too. Asked me to carry him and such. Honestly he hardly does that.

All sour and emo. Also bag of bones now. So skinny after his cough & asthma episode.

This one so kaypoh looking around

This morning band of brothers.

I think it's dam cartoonish to see them wearing the same clothes.

My bad boys! Sorry!

Hahahaha. Morning stretch.

Back here again.

And drumroll…. guess how much weight he gained?

250gm in 2 weeks.

And 2.5cm in height too (unexpected)

Evening time.

Time to go to bed.

But first, twinning is a must with korkor.

Are we cute?

Of course la cute.

Night night everyone.

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