Catching some zen

Have you guys seen a unicorn fish before? There, here you go.

Upside down jellyfish.

Sipping on kombucha "love potion". But honestly, taste like potpourri.

This Christmas, I blessed a lot of my things away. I've recently discovered this FB group where you can bless (give) away things that you don't need to lower income family.

In a matter of days, I've given away baby boys clothes, diaper bag, ring sling, play gyms and so much more.

Most of the receivers are pleasant to deal with, but some are just giving me a lesson to be more patient and tolerant.

I've actually been sorting out my clothes that I don't need and also toys that the kids don't need to bless away.

Nursing pillow that I don't use anymore, thick floor quilt for baby to crawl and some toys too.

Later going to post more of Isaacs old baby toys to bless. Cos there is just too much new toys that Isaiah received and I though others who need it more can have some that we don't need. Don't worry guys, I'm not giving the new toys away. It's Isaacs old baby toys.

Oppsss. I still have a frozen turkey sitting in the fridge.

Hahha when to cook it ah?

New Year's Eve maybe. Got to go buy all the ingredients first. It's still thawing and still very much frozen.

I'm reading all the dayre post on dayre moms having poonami and poop leak.

And I just realize something.

Isaiah has NEVER had a poop explosion.

Is it because he always never have enough to eat?

With Isaac, it's always poonami after poonami. He was constantly latching and drinking and gassy due to the milk allergy.

Oh Lordy PaucheekS, why you no drink enough milk.

Why baby so small.
Cry some more.

This is the group for blessing.

Too bad dayre doesn't let us link to the address.

Christmas Eve Dinner

24th December 2016

Had our Christmas Eve dinner with friends that came over from Malaysia.

In our favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant Da Luca

This one no need to say, hands down best cold pasta.

Capellini with uni, truffle and Hokkaido scallops. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

I can't eat this whole day err day but at 88 a pop. No thanks. Special occasion only.

Wagyu carpaccio. So good. So much beef.

Batdude grilled octopus in squid ink.

I taxed some and it's good

Tortellini in some cheese and WHITE TRUFFLE!

Yummmm. Specialty for that day

My mains of Italian turkey.

Ok la. Nothing to shout about.

Batdudes grilled Wagyu striplion.

Gooodddd as usual. Corn is dam nice.

Crispy apple tart with vanilla ice cream. Good but not mind blowing kind of good.

Christmas Day was opening presents day!

Can you see the excitement in his face ah??

Zaaaaaa. Yea that's literally him the whole time.

Words not necessary!

This is my joke gift to him. Essentially I wasn't going to buy him a gift.

So I wrapped up his umbrella (new la I bought cos he walks to school in rain ma) and a new water bottle (cos old wan is so banged up, prints on bottle all scratched liow)!

And when he opened it, I kept asking "you like it? Nice right? I purposely buy for you one!"

Ok la, can see his face call abit but he still maintained his excitement.

#assholeparents for the win!!

And this is daddy's gift.

Same parenting style, this is how news school bag which we wrapped!

It's captain America la. So ok la.

Didi also had his first Christmas photo by the tree!

Yes, he has less presents than korkor, but he still has presents!

Hhehe still happy and gonggong.

Thanks @calvinadawn for the gift.

@doooduuu so cute.

@strawbee I'm gonna have eyebrows like miss universe pia wurtsbach

Make up and toiletry pouch.

Thanks @butterball for the blusher and toiletries.

@calistallicious you mind reader ah. I was thinking where can I get the brush cleaner. And hey, I got it in this gift!

Thank you.

Relaxation is very important. Thank you @Eviee for the reminder.

Now I just need to find time to soak in the tub, light the candle and massage my muscles away.

Hahahha. My face and body cannot make it.

Here making Isaacs chocolate muffin for his egg challenge!!!

I used 2 large eggs to 6 muffins.

He ate 1/2 of a muffin which is essential 1/6 of an egg.

PASS!! No reaction!!!!!!!!

So happy!!!

And he is also off anti-histamine for 1.5weeks now. Washed out already the antihistamines.

Tomorrow 1 whole muffin. Hopefully nothing happens.

Today's breakfast was good. No complaints.

Had Boxing Day dinner and swimming session at a friends place.

Isaac totally enjoyed himself.

Everybody was impressed with his swimming skills. He could jump and dive and swim without any help after a few swimming lessons.

Most of them has been swimming for months and still unable to go in the water without a floatation device.

Well, I'm proud of him too for being able to swim quite well.

Made water kefir with guava fruit.

Very nice and refreshing.

Strawberry #waterkefir had a lotttttt of fizz.

I also brewed a love potion.

Blueberry, lavender and rose petal water kefir.

Smells like potpourri!!!

I hope it doesn't taste like a floral bath soap. #crai


Merry Christmas everyone.

We opened our presents and we are very thankful.

But, I think all of us sort of caught a bug and is feeling very knackered.

Update laters!!!!!!!


Siow liow siow liow!!


@choopeechu today really mad.

@spiritrip have you experienced this level of fizz?

#waterkefir #apricot

Early morning activity!!!

Photobombed but nvm la. Still ok.

Watching Pygmy hippo sleeping. Literally.

Fed giraffes.

Saw some dino exhibit.

Played in the splash zone.

So enjoy.

Opps. Sorry to the kid at the back.

Where shall I explore next?


So fun!

It's actually quite nice going early to the zoo. Less ppl and animals are more active and less hot!

Oh found one without photobomb. Haha.

We also went to river safari.

Took a river cruise.

And by 7 hrs my boobs r calling it quits and we went home.

So cute!! Can knock down the blocks and look so happy about it.

Enjoying my plain #waterkefir made with coconut sugar.

No explosion but hits the right fizz spot.

A bit like malt drink.

@choopeechu @m3lcsnippet from my class one.

@m3lcsnippet very clear and easy!


Bliss seeing this on the phone. Hehe.


Oh Lordy!!!

I made champagne I think. Hahha. Totally exploded and pop!!!

#waterkefir 2nd fermented with apricot.

Let's see what made it so fizzy.

1) filtered water was used vs our places boiled cooled tap water.
2) 2nd fermented for 2 days in room temperature. Previously only 24hrs.
3) used my class water kefir grains which was from Dubai and previous from Mexico!
4) bottled in a very air tight bottle vs in the mason jars I used.

Ok. Both kids are asleep and Batdude is out Christmas partying.

I shall have a party. In my mouth. Toasting home made bread (thanks to our helper) and shredded mozzarella cheese (thanks to my early Christmas present from Batdude)

Ho ho ho. Merry xmas.

Thanks for the very useful gift Batdude.


Soft porn.

Porn. Hardcore.

Eating my own nen nen sauerkraut cos nobody wants to eat it.

Also our homemade bread which is egg free and dairy free.

I've subcon the bread making to my helper, she has made it twice already. So far so good!!!! Tweak the recipe here and there and it's just the way we like it now.

And helper level up also la know how to use the breadmaker! Happy!

Wohoooo today is my last day at work for this year.

Can't wait to wake up late and sleep late and play with baby and feed new things to baby and see the local attractions with toddler and spend more time with toddler and also go paktor leisurely lunch dates with Batdude!


Yes I'm home!

Got a video of him crawling properly now. Previously he just attempts 1-2 times and fall back to his tummy again.

Ok, I shall spend.

Can you see him talking to himself in the mirror?

So cute!!

Happy winter solstice everyone!!!

Courtesy of Ah Chew dessert. Well not really courtesy, Batdude went and buy to celebrate haha

Water kefir is running low and out very fast in this household.

2nd fermenting with apples, strawberries and cherries.

All for the toddler.

These are for me. Just plain coconut sugar #waterkefir bottled up without adding any flavoring.

Wanna taste is by itself to see how it tastes like.

Quite happy with the formation of my 4 days old scoby.

Looks healthy I think?

#kombucha #SCOBY


Sigh, high fever and yet, still babbling.

When I was eating this, I was thinking of you guys.

@xiive and @choopeechu

Zion food center. Add mee pok add meat ball only $5.

Enjoying pork chop with rice and cherry #waterkefir

Passion fruit #waterkefir (and Isaacs duck lips)

Eh wahhhh, this taste like Chardonnay!!!!!

Batdude also say!

Yesterday, before we went for lunch.

Brothers twinning.

Love them so much. 😍😍😍😍

I've a jar that can hold 5 liter. 3.8L of #kombucha brewing in that big jar.

Brewed on 17 December. Going to taste it on 24 December which is after 7 days.

This round I use black tea with a darker organic raw sugar cane.

On the left is my #waterkefir with grains from the fermentation class. The origin of her grains are from Dubai. These are tougher grains. And before that, the grains came from Mexico. I love knowing where they've resided. Collected diff Strains of bacteria I hope!

On the right is my first kefir grains from a Facebook group lady who gifted me like 5 tbsp of grains. So since I've got spares, I'm experimenting with coconut sugar. I hope they thrive and reproduce like siow!
Hope it's tasty too

And 2nd fermenting the water kefir with white peach! Maybe I've put too much peach. Oh well.

Should be divided into 4 equal parts though.

The ratio should be 1 part air: 2 parts water kefir : 1 part fruit.

@m3lcsnippet tips for 2nd fermentation.

Have you seen him smiling so big?


This one also so cheeky.

Had an awesome lunch. I'm still thinking about it because I still want to eat!!!

Turkey very nice la

All of this also very nice. I whack dam a lot of lobster and clams.

But the dessert spread!

It's the best!!!

This one is so gooooodddd

Hot stuff was decent too.

Scallops and foie gras station.

I whack these 2-3 rounds.

The desserts here are so yummy la.

Thank you @strawbee for the lunch. And the gifts.

Also thank you @calistallicious @doooduuu @butterball @Eviee for all the xmas gifts to me, Isaac, Isaiah and Batdude. πŸ¦‡

It was such a nice lunch and must do it again. Next time we organize cos don't want strawbee to pay. Haha

Ending this post with a shot without glasses and a hat on Isaac.


Ohhh forgot to add, we are opening our Christmas presents only on Christmas.

Even the ones you passed me on my birthday @calvinadawn

So strict ah. Isaac has been hounding me to open them. But, must teach delayed gratification. Heh! #assholemom

Presents are all wrapped up and the tree 🌲 is finally up.

I had blueberry water kefir yesterday.

It was ok only la. Lightly fizzy, so carbonation was decent.

Taste wise, I guess I'm not a blueberry person.

Dinner was so shiok after a challenging day. Was suppose to watch rouge one but Isaiah had a fever that was climbing up since this morning.

Then just before I left to the cinema, I noticed he had rashes and his face was red. Neck and behind ears had welt.

Too late to cancel grab car, I faster gave 2.5mls zrytec. N got into the car.

But I didn't feel confident leaving him with helper like that. So I took a cab back once I reach the cinema.

In order to de-stress, I made some more water kefir.

This round 2nd ferment with slight different fruits.

Strawberry still stayed because Isaac requested for it. And cherries πŸ’ too, cos he spilled the first one away.

Left to right:
1) persimmons (again, because I love the super sweet taste)
2) passion fruit
3) nectarine
4) strawberry πŸ“
5) cherries πŸ’

When I got home earlier because of his fever.

But he wasn't having any of the molly cuddlying.

He wants to stand and walk and climb stuff. He tried putting his legs over but of cos only went into the gaps la.

Mama, I am strong. I can stand on my own. Don't need you.

Yes shorty, yes you's strong.

Shit. Siao Liao, siao Liao.

Falling down liow.

Yeay! Package came in today!

Can you guess what it is?

My silisponge.

@klutzclumlov says it's like chicken fillets.

Nehmind, as long as I can put on make up smoothly. Haha.

Wanted to note down that I drank my persimmons water kefir.

And it's so frizzy! So good!!! Previously the cherries and grapes were kind of flat, but this was really really fizzy. Like a real carbonated drink.


Can you spot the baby?

I was saying bye bye, bye bye πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

Abit slow to realize, now only beginning to smile at me. I think time for his morning nap liow.

Hehe! Bye bye mummy!

See you later!!

Lovely surprise from my medical director.

Belated birthday gift and a card.

Someone took the strawberry water kefir to drink.


It's yummy.

I tried to take milestone shots of didi.

Obviously didn't happen.

Because korkor wants to be in every frame.


2nd fermenting the girls. #waterkefir

From left to right:
Miss strawberry πŸ“
Miss blueberry
Miss orange 🍊
Miss persimmons

Hope they taste great.

I also notice that after filtering out the water kefir grains, I had more grains than I started out with.

From 4 tablespoons, I got back about 6 tablespoons after filtering them.

I think their happy with their home!


"Mummy, there is something in my eye"

πŸ‘©πŸ»: hold it open so it'll fall off.

"Like this?"

πŸ‘©πŸ»: yup, like that!

– laugh die me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Went to crib bazaar to support @yellojelloo

Look, see and buy. Haha.

Xmas shopping done!

Having sweet monster peanut butter pretzel. Cos rain and I cannot walk back. So eat ice cream n wait it out.


Beryl over Gaga. Dam nice. I think I found my kind of colour.

Lucky cat 🐱 charm.

After all that brewing and fermenting, I'm now down to my last jar.

Actually not much also la. Only 2 cups of #kombucha for drinking. This is about 1.5cups.

My pink lemonade! Quite yummy. Abit soursop like taste.

Mmmm mummy, it's so yummy and sweet.

And after I took this shot, which he did not allow me to, he knocked it all over the floor.

My 4 days worth of brewing, gone!

I went ballistic on him and made him clean the floor.


But we took him to watch Sing after that and I'm happy to say he didn't freak out. Yeay.

All sorts of mixed emotions today.

Little dude, using his imagination to be hawk eye!

Also convinced him to wet wrap because his legs were so so so bumpy, red and dry. So poor thing. 😭

This one think he can stand and walk liow. Everywhere also navigating and pulling himself up.

Why so fast one???

Fell on his face flat 2-3 times. His eyes are purple from bruises.

Why this emo face???

Because I brought him to see purple dinosaur.

And I cannot laught, clap, sing and be happy. πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

Then came home and torture didi.

Good life!

Drank my water kefir 2nd fermented with grapes.

Very muted but sprightly drink.

Well, if it's healthy with probiotic, then I'll drink this everyday!


Dammit, I can't sleep due to anxiety from work.

I think I need to take less coffee.

In fact I feel like weaning myself off coffee.

I hope the kombucha and kefir might help me with that.

At work my daily dose of 2 cups a day has been cut down to 1 cup a day.

My anxiety getting out of hand

Feelings right now. Haha

GQ babes.

March 2016 edition.

Didi, you must know this.

Your korkor loves you very much.


Korkor, you must know this.

Your daddy loves you very much too. Although much of your anger is directed to him. We are baffled on why you are so angry with your daddy.

Apple of daddy's and big brothers eye.

So loved hor.

Grandma loves you too.


My handsome men.


Heavily reconsidering if I should stop with these 2 kids.

But nah!!!

I am still mourning the lost of 2 healthy sons. Mourning the lost of a normal life that they could have lived.

Don't think my heart can take it just yet.

πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌ Those are the wise words of my psychologist. πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌ

I really want to share what my first psychologist session was like.

But I don't know how to put it eloquently. I never take literature in school. Only Malay literature. My articulation is so bad and what I say will just fall flat.

It was very helpful for me to have an outside put into perspective of my situation.

So I won't go downwards spiral into this abyss of I dunno what.

My collection of #mollycosmetics

Matte liquid lipstick.

Top to bottom row:

Fairy Tale

Cc: @calvinadawn

I've been wearing Gaga to death!

Tasted my #kombucha today, and it tastes awesome!

Not as sweet as yesterday. Today if has a nice fizzy taste with a crispness.

Bottled it for 2nd fermentation.

My "Pink Lemonade"

2 cups kombucha
2 tablespoon chopped strawberry
2 teaspoon lemon juice
Some fresh thyme.

Hope it fizzs up even more!

I saved the other 2 cups of kombucha to be my starter tea and "SCOBY" hotel. Hehe.

Going to let it mature till they're about 4-6 weeks old scoby. Apparently these matured scoby makes better kombucha. Hardier too.


Wagyu don

Hokkaido salmon, ikura and uni don.

So I'm going abit crazy here buying a continuous brewing vessel.

Bought a 5 liter one.

Spigot is plastic and can be washed.

Safe for #kombucha

Baby #SCOBY level today. It has thicken abit more.

And I tasted it today.

It's sweet like a dessert wine. Taste nothing like green tea.

When I took a sip, my hands started tingling. It turned abit red and a tight feeling came over my fingers.

Now I have a warm buzzing feeling. It's quite nice mellow energetic kind of feeling.

Ommmmmm. Like you've been soaking in a hot tub and you just got out.

I am second fermenting my #waterkefir now.

Left is with cherry πŸ’ and right is with grapes πŸ‡

The water kefir taste like a sweet water. Mild tasting. Very muted. But smells sweet.

I'm hoping it will fizz up even further tomorrow.

Batdude says it tasty zesty and slightly tangy. Like a mild cola.

Why is there always a gender bias

My male director can give me a solution to a long festering problem in 10 minutes while my female manager cannot resolve the problem after more than 5 months of us pleading for mercy.

Female manager seem to favor male colleague who is under performing.

Male director resolved my problem in 10 mins and added that he "feels me". Gave me clear objectives on how to handle male colleague. Cause I've been staying late at work and can't go back to my baby.

In my next job, I would highly seek a male figure as my superior.

On to more exciting things like watching bacteria and yeast grow.

Can you see, can you see?

There is a layer of biofilm/culture on it.

That's a skinny baby scoby forming.

Means the brew is fermenting well.

I'm so happy.


Water kefir grains floating around.

They look happy!



My parcel came!!

I bought a belated birthday gift for myself.

Can guess what it is?

@strawbee can guess?

Support local entrepreneur!


Goddess, Beryl and Fairytale.

I love molly cosmetic so much, I bought 3 more.

Now waiting to get my hands on their silicon face pad.


I am stressed at work.

So I made water kefir.

Will 2nd ferment it with cherries.

My kombucha will 2nd ferment it with strawberry πŸ“ and lemon πŸ‹ for a pink lemonade. Hehe.

I feel less stress already.


Work in progress – the view that's in front of me.

Admiring my fermentation spot.


Fermentation Project

Work in progress!

Bless it with good vibes people!


I just adopted some water kefir.

Gonna make more probiotic drink.

Wish me luck.


Aight, enough of bacteria, yeast and kefir grains, time for this cutie pie to shine.

Korkor not home, time for me to be naughty.

This dude here, don't know how to crawl properly but want to stand up by himself liow.

So fast want to walk?

Mai la, mai la.

See see. Aiyo don't walk or stand so fast can?

Sumore so skinny, the more you do this, the more skinny you'll be.

He also loves playing with korkors car, giving korkor a lot of grief.

Aiya korkor can la, let me play la.

What hooot!

Hooo, hoooo

Some shots my SIL took when she was down.

Ah pek, ah blur and daddy. Haha

Who you calling blur, mummy?

I am adorable, not blur.

Taken exactly 6 years apart.

One is 62kg and the other 72kg.


Today is my interns last day at work. And she gave me a jar of sweets and snacks.

How sweet of her.

Does that mean she likes me as a boss? Lols.

Isaac at 8 months.

So much fatter and bigger than didi. 😿

Bye bye mommy, have a great day at work!

That's what my first born said. Before he slammed the door to my face.