Fermentation Project

Work in progress!

Bless it with good vibes people!


I just adopted some water kefir.

Gonna make more probiotic drink.

Wish me luck.


Aight, enough of bacteria, yeast and kefir grains, time for this cutie pie to shine.

Korkor not home, time for me to be naughty.

This dude here, don't know how to crawl properly but want to stand up by himself liow.

So fast want to walk?

Mai la, mai la.

See see. Aiyo don't walk or stand so fast can?

Sumore so skinny, the more you do this, the more skinny you'll be.

He also loves playing with korkors car, giving korkor a lot of grief.

Aiya korkor can la, let me play la.

What hooot!

Hooo, hoooo

Some shots my SIL took when she was down.

Ah pek, ah blur and daddy. Haha

Who you calling blur, mummy?

I am adorable, not blur.

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