Why is there always a gender bias

My male director can give me a solution to a long festering problem in 10 minutes while my female manager cannot resolve the problem after more than 5 months of us pleading for mercy.

Female manager seem to favor male colleague who is under performing.

Male director resolved my problem in 10 mins and added that he "feels me". Gave me clear objectives on how to handle male colleague. Cause I've been staying late at work and can't go back to my baby.

In my next job, I would highly seek a male figure as my superior.

On to more exciting things like watching bacteria and yeast grow.

Can you see, can you see?

There is a layer of biofilm/culture on it.

That's a skinny baby scoby forming.

Means the brew is fermenting well.

I'm so happy.


Water kefir grains floating around.

They look happy!



My parcel came!!

I bought a belated birthday gift for myself.

Can guess what it is?

@strawbee can guess?

Support local entrepreneur!


Goddess, Beryl and Fairytale.

I love molly cosmetic so much, I bought 3 more.

Now waiting to get my hands on their silicon face pad.


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