Wagyu don

Hokkaido salmon, ikura and uni don.

So I'm going abit crazy here buying a continuous brewing vessel.

Bought a 5 liter one.

Spigot is plastic and can be washed.

Safe for #kombucha

Baby #SCOBY level today. It has thicken abit more.

And I tasted it today.

It's sweet like a dessert wine. Taste nothing like green tea.

When I took a sip, my hands started tingling. It turned abit red and a tight feeling came over my fingers.

Now I have a warm buzzing feeling. It's quite nice mellow energetic kind of feeling.

Ommmmmm. Like you've been soaking in a hot tub and you just got out.

I am second fermenting my #waterkefir now.

Left is with cherry 🍒 and right is with grapes 🍇

The water kefir taste like a sweet water. Mild tasting. Very muted. But smells sweet.

I'm hoping it will fizz up even further tomorrow.

Batdude says it tasty zesty and slightly tangy. Like a mild cola.

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