Presents are all wrapped up and the tree 🌲 is finally up.

I had blueberry water kefir yesterday.

It was ok only la. Lightly fizzy, so carbonation was decent.

Taste wise, I guess I'm not a blueberry person.

Dinner was so shiok after a challenging day. Was suppose to watch rouge one but Isaiah had a fever that was climbing up since this morning.

Then just before I left to the cinema, I noticed he had rashes and his face was red. Neck and behind ears had welt.

Too late to cancel grab car, I faster gave 2.5mls zrytec. N got into the car.

But I didn't feel confident leaving him with helper like that. So I took a cab back once I reach the cinema.

In order to de-stress, I made some more water kefir.

This round 2nd ferment with slight different fruits.

Strawberry still stayed because Isaac requested for it. And cherries 🍒 too, cos he spilled the first one away.

Left to right:
1) persimmons (again, because I love the super sweet taste)
2) passion fruit
3) nectarine
4) strawberry 🍓
5) cherries 🍒

When I got home earlier because of his fever.

But he wasn't having any of the molly cuddlying.

He wants to stand and walk and climb stuff. He tried putting his legs over but of cos only went into the gaps la.

Mama, I am strong. I can stand on my own. Don't need you.

Yes shorty, yes you's strong.

Shit. Siao Liao, siao Liao.

Falling down liow.

Yeay! Package came in today!

Can you guess what it is?

My silisponge.

@klutzclumlov says it's like chicken fillets.

Nehmind, as long as I can put on make up smoothly. Haha.

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