Yesterday, before we went for lunch.

Brothers twinning.

Love them so much. 😍😍😍😍

I've a jar that can hold 5 liter. 3.8L of #kombucha brewing in that big jar.

Brewed on 17 December. Going to taste it on 24 December which is after 7 days.

This round I use black tea with a darker organic raw sugar cane.

On the left is my #waterkefir with grains from the fermentation class. The origin of her grains are from Dubai. These are tougher grains. And before that, the grains came from Mexico. I love knowing where they've resided. Collected diff Strains of bacteria I hope!

On the right is my first kefir grains from a Facebook group lady who gifted me like 5 tbsp of grains. So since I've got spares, I'm experimenting with coconut sugar. I hope they thrive and reproduce like siow!
Hope it's tasty too

And 2nd fermenting the water kefir with white peach! Maybe I've put too much peach. Oh well.

Should be divided into 4 equal parts though.

The ratio should be 1 part air: 2 parts water kefir : 1 part fruit.

@m3lcsnippet tips for 2nd fermentation.

Have you seen him smiling so big?


This one also so cheeky.

Had an awesome lunch. I'm still thinking about it because I still want to eat!!!

Turkey very nice la

All of this also very nice. I whack dam a lot of lobster and clams.

But the dessert spread!

It's the best!!!

This one is so gooooodddd

Hot stuff was decent too.

Scallops and foie gras station.

I whack these 2-3 rounds.

The desserts here are so yummy la.

Thank you @strawbee for the lunch. And the gifts.

Also thank you @calistallicious @doooduuu @butterball @Eviee for all the xmas gifts to me, Isaac, Isaiah and Batdude. πŸ¦‡

It was such a nice lunch and must do it again. Next time we organize cos don't want strawbee to pay. Haha

Ending this post with a shot without glasses and a hat on Isaac.


Ohhh forgot to add, we are opening our Christmas presents only on Christmas.

Even the ones you passed me on my birthday @calvinadawn

So strict ah. Isaac has been hounding me to open them. But, must teach delayed gratification. Heh! #assholemom

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