Eating my own nen nen sauerkraut cos nobody wants to eat it.

Also our homemade bread which is egg free and dairy free.

I've subcon the bread making to my helper, she has made it twice already. So far so good!!!! Tweak the recipe here and there and it's just the way we like it now.

And helper level up also la know how to use the breadmaker! Happy!

Wohoooo today is my last day at work for this year.

Can't wait to wake up late and sleep late and play with baby and feed new things to baby and see the local attractions with toddler and spend more time with toddler and also go paktor leisurely lunch dates with Batdude!


Yes I'm home!

Got a video of him crawling properly now. Previously he just attempts 1-2 times and fall back to his tummy again.

Ok, I shall spend.

Can you see him talking to himself in the mirror?

So cute!!

Happy winter solstice everyone!!!

Courtesy of Ah Chew dessert. Well not really courtesy, Batdude went and buy to celebrate haha

Water kefir is running low and out very fast in this household.

2nd fermenting with apples, strawberries and cherries.

All for the toddler.

These are for me. Just plain coconut sugar #waterkefir bottled up without adding any flavoring.

Wanna taste is by itself to see how it tastes like.

Quite happy with the formation of my 4 days old scoby.

Looks healthy I think?

#kombucha #SCOBY


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