Bliss seeing this on the phone. Hehe.


Oh Lordy!!!

I made champagne I think. Hahha. Totally exploded and pop!!!

#waterkefir 2nd fermented with apricot.

Let's see what made it so fizzy.

1) filtered water was used vs our places boiled cooled tap water.
2) 2nd fermented for 2 days in room temperature. Previously only 24hrs.
3) used my class water kefir grains which was from Dubai and previous from Mexico!
4) bottled in a very air tight bottle vs in the mason jars I used.

Ok. Both kids are asleep and Batdude is out Christmas partying.

I shall have a party. In my mouth. Toasting home made bread (thanks to our helper) and shredded mozzarella cheese (thanks to my early Christmas present from Batdude)

Ho ho ho. Merry xmas.

Thanks for the very useful gift Batdude.


Soft porn.

Porn. Hardcore.

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