Siow liow siow liow!!


@choopeechu today really mad.

@spiritrip have you experienced this level of fizz?

#waterkefir #apricot

Early morning activity!!!

Photobombed but nvm la. Still ok.

Watching Pygmy hippo sleeping. Literally.

Fed giraffes.

Saw some dino exhibit.

Played in the splash zone.

So enjoy.

Opps. Sorry to the kid at the back.

Where shall I explore next?


So fun!

It's actually quite nice going early to the zoo. Less ppl and animals are more active and less hot!

Oh found one without photobomb. Haha.

We also went to river safari.

Took a river cruise.

And by 7 hrs my boobs r calling it quits and we went home.

So cute!! Can knock down the blocks and look so happy about it.

Enjoying my plain #waterkefir made with coconut sugar.

No explosion but hits the right fizz spot.

A bit like malt drink.

@choopeechu @m3lcsnippet from my class one.

@m3lcsnippet very clear and easy!

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