Christmas Eve Dinner

24th December 2016

Had our Christmas Eve dinner with friends that came over from Malaysia.

In our favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant Da Luca

This one no need to say, hands down best cold pasta.

Capellini with uni, truffle and Hokkaido scallops. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

I can't eat this whole day err day but at 88 a pop. No thanks. Special occasion only.

Wagyu carpaccio. So good. So much beef.

Batdude grilled octopus in squid ink.

I taxed some and it's good

Tortellini in some cheese and WHITE TRUFFLE!

Yummmm. Specialty for that day

My mains of Italian turkey.

Ok la. Nothing to shout about.

Batdudes grilled Wagyu striplion.

Gooodddd as usual. Corn is dam nice.

Crispy apple tart with vanilla ice cream. Good but not mind blowing kind of good.

Christmas Day was opening presents day!

Can you see the excitement in his face ah??

Zaaaaaa. Yea that's literally him the whole time.

Words not necessary!

This is my joke gift to him. Essentially I wasn't going to buy him a gift.

So I wrapped up his umbrella (new la I bought cos he walks to school in rain ma) and a new water bottle (cos old wan is so banged up, prints on bottle all scratched liow)!

And when he opened it, I kept asking "you like it? Nice right? I purposely buy for you one!"

Ok la, can see his face call abit but he still maintained his excitement.

#assholeparents for the win!!

And this is daddy's gift.

Same parenting style, this is how news school bag which we wrapped!

It's captain America la. So ok la.

Didi also had his first Christmas photo by the tree!

Yes, he has less presents than korkor, but he still has presents!

Hhehe still happy and gonggong.

Thanks @calvinadawn for the gift.

@doooduuu so cute.

@strawbee I'm gonna have eyebrows like miss universe pia wurtsbach

Make up and toiletry pouch.

Thanks @butterball for the blusher and toiletries.

@calistallicious you mind reader ah. I was thinking where can I get the brush cleaner. And hey, I got it in this gift!

Thank you.

Relaxation is very important. Thank you @Eviee for the reminder.

Now I just need to find time to soak in the tub, light the candle and massage my muscles away.

Hahahha. My face and body cannot make it.

Here making Isaacs chocolate muffin for his egg challenge!!!

I used 2 large eggs to 6 muffins.

He ate 1/2 of a muffin which is essential 1/6 of an egg.

PASS!! No reaction!!!!!!!!

So happy!!!

And he is also off anti-histamine for 1.5weeks now. Washed out already the antihistamines.

Tomorrow 1 whole muffin. Hopefully nothing happens.

Today's breakfast was good. No complaints.

Had Boxing Day dinner and swimming session at a friends place.

Isaac totally enjoyed himself.

Everybody was impressed with his swimming skills. He could jump and dive and swim without any help after a few swimming lessons.

Most of them has been swimming for months and still unable to go in the water without a floatation device.

Well, I'm proud of him too for being able to swim quite well.

Made water kefir with guava fruit.

Very nice and refreshing.

Strawberry #waterkefir had a lotttttt of fizz.

I also brewed a love potion.

Blueberry, lavender and rose petal water kefir.

Smells like potpourri!!!

I hope it doesn't taste like a floral bath soap. #crai


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