This Christmas, I blessed a lot of my things away. I've recently discovered this FB group where you can bless (give) away things that you don't need to lower income family.

In a matter of days, I've given away baby boys clothes, diaper bag, ring sling, play gyms and so much more.

Most of the receivers are pleasant to deal with, but some are just giving me a lesson to be more patient and tolerant.

I've actually been sorting out my clothes that I don't need and also toys that the kids don't need to bless away.

Nursing pillow that I don't use anymore, thick floor quilt for baby to crawl and some toys too.

Later going to post more of Isaacs old baby toys to bless. Cos there is just too much new toys that Isaiah received and I though others who need it more can have some that we don't need. Don't worry guys, I'm not giving the new toys away. It's Isaacs old baby toys.

Oppsss. I still have a frozen turkey sitting in the fridge.

Hahha when to cook it ah?

New Year's Eve maybe. Got to go buy all the ingredients first. It's still thawing and still very much frozen.

I'm reading all the dayre post on dayre moms having poonami and poop leak.

And I just realize something.

Isaiah has NEVER had a poop explosion.

Is it because he always never have enough to eat?

With Isaac, it's always poonami after poonami. He was constantly latching and drinking and gassy due to the milk allergy.

Oh Lordy PaucheekS, why you no drink enough milk.

Why baby so small.
Cry some more.

This is the group for blessing.

Too bad dayre doesn't let us link to the address.

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