Poor #2. He's out for the count. Yesterday we thought he was all clear with no fever. Today it's back at 38C.

I was suppose to go to work. But he vomited all over my work clothes. Phlegm cough. I'll guess I won't be going to work then. Childcare leave it is.

Glad to report Isaac is good enough to attend his swim class and 2 more days of antibiotics! πŸŽ‰

Day 2 saw us going to MBS and chilling.

Left Isaiah at home because he was running a fever.

All the attention to #1 only.

So happy pretending to drive back to our place.

Morning outakes.

Someone was #saltbae -ing my selfie.

Because hair. Look at it. I think I figured out the secret to datin/big hair. It's dry shampoo guys. Batiste brand is good.

Had pate at Bread Street kitchen.

Isaac had the kids fish and chips. I'm so happy he can eat it. Like a normal meal with us.

Yesterday's cutie number 2 with his angpow.

Number 1 checking out his haul too.

Happy Chinese New Year 2017 everyone!

My 2 golden boys are ready to hit the town!

All well and chirpy.

Doing some kung fu moves.

This one is slightly under the weather now but still perky.

Family picture!

Didi so happy to receive angpow!!!

At least someone appreciates it. Hehe.

Thanks for stepping up and be an awesome father when we are down.

Duck mee sua for dinner!!!

Counted as auspicious dish or not?

Happy Reunion Dinner! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

Happy reunion dinner!!!!

Isaac is much better as he is 24hrs fever free!

We made reunion dinner happen for ourselves.

We also had a lion dance performance to lighten up the mood and bring in good luck!

This is for all of you who couldn't make it back for the reunion dinner with your families. 😘😘😘😘

As promised, decorations are up!


Best part is they're at 50% off.

All the rooster talk means it's KFC first thing in the morning! Well, late morning early lunch kinda day.

Unexpected CNY.

Year of the Rooster. My parents will both be 60 this year.

It will be very quiet for this nucleus Puah family.

No auspicious wishes to be said and received.

Isaac and Isaiah will not be getting angpows this year I guess.

No pineapple tarts to stuff my face with.

Batdude will not be gambling and have a winning streak.

Yup, none of them tiles will be clanging too.

Upside is, I won't have to listen to relatives telling me I'm fat or that my son is small size or that I should behave more "womenly".

But I guess I can cheer myself up by decorating the apartment a little. Will wait for sale and let them throw price then I'll #buybuybuy the deco! That will certainly cheer me up.

All this rooster talk makes me want to eat KFC.

Showing off his standing skills.

Wah Wah Wah.

At 9 months and 26 days, he's getting quite confident in standing by himself.


Please refer to @luftsichel:240117


Am I a bad mom if I'm disappointed that I can't go back to KL in time for my hair appointment tomorrow?

Yup. I think I am.

People can really be assholes.

It's raining and I'm crossing the road. The road sign shows that it's still pedestrian right of way. As I'm reaching the end there's a big puddle of water so I move to the left where the puddle is shallow. Fuck me, the car waiting gave me a double horn. He even move forward to harass me!

EXCUSE ME? Wtf is wrong with these assholes.

Never mind. Karma will say hello soon.

I want to cry because life has been very unkind to Isaac.

Poor thing.

We might not go back for CNY la. I think he needs to rest.

I really cannot shake off this sad feeling. The more I think about it us not going back, the more it breaks my heart because he was so so so so looking forward to going to KL.

Got all his angpow ready to give grandparents and packed all his new clothes.

Aiyooooo. So sad so sad. Tonight defo cannot make it for the bus already.

Pass out.

Even though whole day was in good spirits, but I think the fever is taking a toll on him.

Alamak! I heard him groaning and in a matter of 20 mins his fever is back to 40C again.

Poor thing!

If we don't go back this year for CNY, it would be totally unfair for Isaiah. First CNY spent alone with us.

So poor thing for him too.

Aiyo everybody loses la this round.

If within these 2 days Isaac is ok then maybe we will go back pending SIL availability to pick us up. If not, it is fine too.

#1 caught me changing my sanitary napkins. We don't lock our doors because we don't want him to lock his own doors (in case he gets locks in and can't open doors etc).

πŸ‘¦πŸ»: mummy, why are you wearing diapers?
πŸ‘©πŸ»: I'm having my period, I need to use them.
πŸ‘¦πŸ»: when you were a baby, did you have period too?
πŸ‘©πŸ»: no, period only happens to girls when they are bigger, not when they're babies.
πŸ‘¦πŸ»: 😳😧😧😧😧😝😝😝 *proceeds to run off*

Birds and bees talk halfway there!

221 whatsapp msgs and counting.

In another news, my menses is back after 9 months and 20 days after birth.

So shocked. Expected it later but now I'm thinking maybe because Isaiah doesn't latch as much as his korkor.

Eating bakkwa n pumping cos so hungry.

Hi everyone! Meet my new child!

She has the sweetest smile ever.


I feel, I feel….like I love her already.

Dinner conversations with Isaac:

I was telling him that we will be going back to KL for CNY. And he said "yea, I will give angbow to ah ma!"

Then he ran to his room and took out 3 angpows which he has prepared. They were heavy with all his coins he saved up from his coin box. He said 1 for ah ma, 1 for kong kong and 1 for ah jia.

I was flabbergasted on his knowledge that we give angpows on CNY. But I was even more impressed that he had already set aside angpows for his grandparents!

3 big and heavy angpows

I had no idea that he already packed them and put it in his wardrobes' "secret hiding place"

Im so so so so proud of his generosity and thoughtfulness.

@maryannsee you have an angpow ready from your grandson already!

For the record: we have never taughtt him that CNY is for giving and receiving angpow and that we have never said that we must give back to our parents or grandparents.

This is out of his own willingness and maybe to some extent, his observations.

For a lack for better articulation, I'm so happy he is so kind la.


Bliss is when one son is in his room playing;

The other son is napping quietly outside.

But, doesn't last long. #1 is outside making a ruckus. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

Tell you guys something.

Last Tuesday I was pumping, then I got so thirsty after that. Reached out for my water bottle and took a big gulp!

Then I realize instead of gulping from my right hand which was the bottle, I took a big gulp from my left hand which was my breast milk!!!!!

Garhhh!!! It was sweet like oatmilk but I was more worried I drank away all my hard work! Phew! Luckily when I checked, still left 4oz!

#heng ah. Hahahha.

Tea, tea, tea.


Assorted kombucha!

Bet you guys are laughing at me.

My kind of balanced meal

Banana chips, caramelized biscuit spread and chocolate chip cookies made for Isaacs egg testing (which failed horribly I might add).

My "beer" and his beer.

Mine is with honey dew and persimmons. Shiok.

Storing my #waterkefirgrains because it's producing more than what I can drink.

Time to donate some to my colleagues too!

Will keep this grain for 1-2 weeks.

Omg! My worst morning pump ever!!!

What's happening????

Last Saturday hair cut.

Side effect of wearing red lipsticks:

Last weekend in the pack mrt, balancing ourselves on the train, Batdude suddenly gave me a peck on the lips.

Wah. Pleasantly surprise. I asked why the kiss? He said he doesn't know what overcame him.

Primal instincts at play here! Red lips really attracts a kiss. Like a moth to a flame. 😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😁😁☺️😁😁

Not complaining. It is nice. ❀❀❀πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Hehe the comments. #shy

The colour I was wearing is "Dollie Mollie" by #mollycosmetics if anyone is interested to k ow.

#notanad #notsponsored just really like the colour.

Roses for my #kombucha

Put mango, persimmons and rose petals for secondary fermentation.

Harvest the kombucha after only 2 days. So humid the drink is done so fast!!!

Done! Looks like the exploding kind. Pls don't explode ok.


This new hobby is taking up quite a bit of my time.

I just spent 1.5 hrs chopping fruits, decanting, harvesting and remaking sugar water for then kefirs.

That's my me-time right there.


And if that is not enough, I'm still making more liquid!!

The human kind hehehehe.

So precious his little hands grabbing on to the carrier.


1:1 with Isaiah when korkor is in mandarin class.

Problem with boobing on the go in the carrier.

He gets very sweaty and his cheeks flare up. So if I can avoid carrying him for prolong periods, I would. But no choice!

@m3lcsnippet when the grains are thriving, they behave like this.

Today I topped up my #kombucha with sweet black tea because I harvested some on 2 January.

Then I 2nd ferment my #waterkefir with fresh thyme leaves, strawberry, apricot, rock melon and nectarine. Please don't explode ah cause quite sweet.

Today's ang ang lips is also by #mollycosmetics in "Dollie Mollie"

I feel like geisha ah. Makes my face looks fairer woot. Glow by stila highlighter cosmetic from #dff. Not natural one hor.

"Help me!"

"Hrmmm I think I look kinda cute in this, never mind la, just leave it on"

"Hiiiii look at me!"

I think #paucheeks is resigned to the fact that Isaac puts the toys on his head. Previously he will scream and shout. Now he just get on with it.

Poor thing. Woes of 2nd child.


I brought my water kefir to work today, 2nd fermented with apple and mint. And it was a hit!

2 office colleagues already ask me to donate some water kefir grains to them so they can do it too. All says very refreshing to drink. I think #waterkefir is just very nice to drink to whoever that drinks it. Not to mention the slight carbonation makes it ❀

All the probiotic and amino acid goodness in a delicious drink! None says that it's sweet at all. Only subtly sweetness.

So I've been looking at hair colours which are lucky for me in the year 2017.

And as a water pig, my lucky colour is yellow, brown, gray and gold.

Made an appointment with 76 midvalley to zheng my hair!!!

Google search for ombré grey brown hair and these are a couple that I ❀❀❀❀

Nice or not?

Or any combo hair colour according to my lucky colour that is better than this?

Overall must avoid red, blue and green.
So ok lo, avoid lo.

Woooo this one also nice!

Dinner date with my dude

Wah Wah Wah!

"Ready to party" lip colour is ready for Chinese New Year!

So red!

Update: at 2pm still as red. And I just realize it has shimmer one!!! Got a subtle glitter hue to it. I ❀ ah. But dunno how to capture the glittering shimmers.

How? Can see the shimmer?

After lunch and snacking almost whole day. Haha. No top up to it.

#kombucha 2nd fermented with apple, strawberry, rose petals and mint.

Yeay my #mollycosmetic package is here


Thanks @strawbee for packing in extra swatch sticker and lip mask!

Need to power pump and step it up again.

I realize only left 7 packets of milk for Isaiah.

No emergency stash. I've dropped my pump at work from 4 times to 3 times of 10 minutes each time. I think it's not enough.

Got to go back to 4 times at work. Poor Isaiah. Already so small, not enough milk to drink sumore.


Being a mom is hard. We've got to constantly think of somebody else besides ourselves. Always.

Brought them to the park this evening.

First time didi is sliding down the slide with korkors help.

This blue side is quite short and he didn't "enjoy" it as much. There was a longer slide with a bump in the middle and boy did didi gave a huge smile every time going down that slide.

The dare devil!!! He loves all the adrenaline rush! The bouncy jeep car also he loves. The more movement the better!

Weeeee!!!! Korkor certainly had fun cos he could play with didi.


P. S.: Isaiah got look fatter or not?

I came across a Pinterest post that got me thinking on how I can reduce EVEN MORE of my clothes.

It shows a picture of having only 12 items of clothing to have.

With these 12 items, they conjured up 15 outfits.

That is half a month.

And it looks like something I would wear.

Simple like my style.

I have an inspiration now to further curate my clothes.

Time to #blessblessbless away my clothes.

This years resolution is:

To have understated elegance in everything I do.

To appreciate beauty in everything I see.

To cherish and love all the small moments with the boys. Yes, the big boy too.

To critic less and encourage more.

To own less things and streamline more of my things.

So happy to have blessed a lot of my maternity and nursing clothes away last year. And all of Isaiahs newborn to 3 months baby clothes.